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Finally! A class action lawsuit against amazon for screwing their sellers!

Contact Terrell Marshall Daudt & Willie PLLC to participate.
More info on the lawsuit: will screw you if you’re a seller!

1. They will hold your money for months while they “review” your account.  Nobody is actually reviewing it and you can’t talk to anybody as they explicitly state “we are unable to offer phone support”.  I’ve been selling on for nearly three months and last month they started holding my money while still allowing me to sell.  After the 30 day “review period” where they held my money, then suspended my account for another 30 days, “but may take up to 45 days…” .  I have a good track record and good feedback on

2. will regularly supply you with outdated customer shipping addresses and will hold you responsible for paying the UPS address correction fees.  My suggestion of requiring customers to verify their shipping address before ordering was not taken seriously.  I was told this is a “business expense” and I’ll have to eat it or cancel my account with them.

Amazon’s notice of account suspension

Take note of their reasoning for holding our money and account suspension – “Because your sales volume or inventory level is not supported by sufficient buyer feedback or established sales history”.  Also, they want me to email them a bunch of data to expedite the review (that nobody is performing) including “Tracking numbers of items shipped with corresponding order numbers”.  This is a request for information they already have!  We’ve provided tracking numbers and timely shipments for all orders.

Hello from

As previously stated, we have been conducting a review of your selling account. Because your sales volume or inventory level is not supported by sufficient buyer feedback or established sales history, your selling privileges will be suspended and your funds will be reserved in your Amazon Payments account for up to 30 days.

During this review we will be evaluating the performance of your account, including customer feedback and A-to-z Guarantee claims received. It is important that you continue to fulfill any orders completed before the removal of your listings, as we will use buyer feedback from your orders as part of the review.

While our review can take as many as 30 days to complete, you may be able to expedite the release of your funds by providing us with the following information:

1. Tracking numbers of items shipped with corresponding order numbers
2. Current retail or online sales channels including links to selling pages
3. Detailed explanation of your business including your source of inventory
4. Amount of inventory you plan to list for sale on and availability of items for delivery

Please e-mail us at to provide us with information regarding your seller account. Amazon sellers can confirm shipments in Seller Central or seller account by clicking the “Orders” tab and then clicking “Confirm Shipment” for the orders.

We will evaluate the information that you provide to us and respond accordingly.

You will be notified via e-mail when our account review is complete.


Seller Performance Team


And their automated response to my email message

Thank you for writing to us at,

We are currently reviewing your Amazon Selling Account. We will respond to your inquiry within the next business day.

While we review your Account, your funds will be reserved in your Payments account for up to 30 days. Although we will delay the transfer
of funds to your bank account, we will continue accepting orders for items you list for sale on Once your funds have been released, you
will be notified via email, and funds should arrive in your bank account within 5 business days.

You may be able to expedite this review by providing any of the following information if you haven’t already:

* You may submit tracking information for your shipments. Please include the corresponding 17-digit order numbers with any tracking
numbers. This information may be submitted in plain text, Word or Excel formats
* You may also give us information about any other channels through which you sell.
* We also encourage you to send a friendly reminder to your buyers requesting that they leave feedback on your account after they have received
their orders.
* If you are currently being reviewed due to recent poor performance, you may submit a plan to for improving your selling performance to

While tracking and/or sales information may help expedite the review, it may still be necessary to wait the full review period before funds can be
released. Reviews are typically completed within 30 days, but may take up to 45 days if deemed necessary. We will inform you if that should be the

Please note that, due to the volume of information we receive, we are unable to offer phone support to accept this information or expedite the
review. For this reason we ask that any pertinent information be submitted via email to We will evaluate the
information you provide and respond accordingly.

It is important that you continue to fulfill your orders and list only
items that you will be able to deliver during this process. Once we have completed our review, we will notify you via e-mail. Please note that
until then, the “Transfer funds to bank account now” link will be visible in your Seller’s account, but transferring funds will not be

We would like to thank you for your patience during this process.

Best regards,

Merchant Approval Department


What now?

Contact Terrell Marshall Daudt & Willie PLLC to participate in the class action lawsuit against amazon for these reasons.
Also, sign this petition as I did

The practice of holding people’s money, in this case thousands of dollars, for stupid reasons like this shouldn’t be legal.  Here is another blog on the same topic .  The two complaints I’ve mentioned here are also mentioned frequently by other sellers on this blog post.  One comment on this blog was the following –

“I used to work for amazon (work at home) and guess what, If you sell at amazon, we will take all your money!

If you sell over $1000 a month. Your account well be investigated and guess what, all the money coming in will be forwarded to our account. And guess what? I get 50% of all accounts being investigated.

haha. Keep on selling!!!
comment by Amazon on March 27, 2005″

I do not know if this user comment is legit, but it seems pretty inline with what is going on.  I am unsure what to do at this point other than fill out the better business bureau complaint form that is open in my other browser tab.   Do you have a similar experience selling on  How do you get your money from them in a timely manner?

Probably the best thing you can do is file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau at It seemed to get their attention when I did this.


Update 11/2012

I’ve been getting automated emails supposedly from a sales person (Ben Danzo) at Amazon – “I would like to discuss the possibility of bringing you on board as an Amazon Pro Merchant”. After sending him a link to this post and turning him down, I continue to get this same email from him every few weeks. This proves even their sales people are automated! There is nobody there!