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Finally! A class action lawsuit against amazon for screwing their sellers!

Contact Terrell Marshall Daudt & Willie PLLC to participate.
More info on the lawsuit: will screw you if you’re a seller!

1. They will hold your money for months while they “review” your account.  Nobody is actually reviewing it and you can’t talk to anybody as they explicitly state “we are unable to offer phone support”.  I’ve been selling on for nearly three months and last month they started holding my money while still allowing me to sell.  After the 30 day “review period” where they held my money, then suspended my account for another 30 days, “but may take up to 45 days…” .  I have a good track record and good feedback on

2. will regularly supply you with outdated customer shipping addresses and will hold you responsible for paying the UPS address correction fees.  My suggestion of requiring customers to verify their shipping address before ordering was not taken seriously.  I was told this is a “business expense” and I’ll have to eat it or cancel my account with them.

Amazon’s notice of account suspension

Take note of their reasoning for holding our money and account suspension – “Because your sales volume or inventory level is not supported by sufficient buyer feedback or established sales history”.  Also, they want me to email them a bunch of data to expedite the review (that nobody is performing) including “Tracking numbers of items shipped with corresponding order numbers”.  This is a request for information they already have!  We’ve provided tracking numbers and timely shipments for all orders.

Hello from

As previously stated, we have been conducting a review of your selling account. Because your sales volume or inventory level is not supported by sufficient buyer feedback or established sales history, your selling privileges will be suspended and your funds will be reserved in your Amazon Payments account for up to 30 days.

During this review we will be evaluating the performance of your account, including customer feedback and A-to-z Guarantee claims received. It is important that you continue to fulfill any orders completed before the removal of your listings, as we will use buyer feedback from your orders as part of the review.

While our review can take as many as 30 days to complete, you may be able to expedite the release of your funds by providing us with the following information:

1. Tracking numbers of items shipped with corresponding order numbers
2. Current retail or online sales channels including links to selling pages
3. Detailed explanation of your business including your source of inventory
4. Amount of inventory you plan to list for sale on and availability of items for delivery

Please e-mail us at to provide us with information regarding your seller account. Amazon sellers can confirm shipments in Seller Central or seller account by clicking the “Orders” tab and then clicking “Confirm Shipment” for the orders.

We will evaluate the information that you provide to us and respond accordingly.

You will be notified via e-mail when our account review is complete.


Seller Performance Team


And their automated response to my email message

Thank you for writing to us at,

We are currently reviewing your Amazon Selling Account. We will respond to your inquiry within the next business day.

While we review your Account, your funds will be reserved in your Payments account for up to 30 days. Although we will delay the transfer
of funds to your bank account, we will continue accepting orders for items you list for sale on Once your funds have been released, you
will be notified via email, and funds should arrive in your bank account within 5 business days.

You may be able to expedite this review by providing any of the following information if you haven’t already:

* You may submit tracking information for your shipments. Please include the corresponding 17-digit order numbers with any tracking
numbers. This information may be submitted in plain text, Word or Excel formats
* You may also give us information about any other channels through which you sell.
* We also encourage you to send a friendly reminder to your buyers requesting that they leave feedback on your account after they have received
their orders.
* If you are currently being reviewed due to recent poor performance, you may submit a plan to for improving your selling performance to

While tracking and/or sales information may help expedite the review, it may still be necessary to wait the full review period before funds can be
released. Reviews are typically completed within 30 days, but may take up to 45 days if deemed necessary. We will inform you if that should be the

Please note that, due to the volume of information we receive, we are unable to offer phone support to accept this information or expedite the
review. For this reason we ask that any pertinent information be submitted via email to We will evaluate the
information you provide and respond accordingly.

It is important that you continue to fulfill your orders and list only
items that you will be able to deliver during this process. Once we have completed our review, we will notify you via e-mail. Please note that
until then, the “Transfer funds to bank account now” link will be visible in your Seller’s account, but transferring funds will not be

We would like to thank you for your patience during this process.

Best regards,

Merchant Approval Department


What now?

Contact Terrell Marshall Daudt & Willie PLLC to participate in the class action lawsuit against amazon for these reasons.
Also, sign this petition as I did

The practice of holding people’s money, in this case thousands of dollars, for stupid reasons like this shouldn’t be legal.  Here is another blog on the same topic .  The two complaints I’ve mentioned here are also mentioned frequently by other sellers on this blog post.  One comment on this blog was the following –

“I used to work for amazon (work at home) and guess what, If you sell at amazon, we will take all your money!

If you sell over $1000 a month. Your account well be investigated and guess what, all the money coming in will be forwarded to our account. And guess what? I get 50% of all accounts being investigated.

haha. Keep on selling!!!
comment by Amazon on March 27, 2005″

I do not know if this user comment is legit, but it seems pretty inline with what is going on.  I am unsure what to do at this point other than fill out the better business bureau complaint form that is open in my other browser tab.   Do you have a similar experience selling on  How do you get your money from them in a timely manner?

Probably the best thing you can do is file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau at It seemed to get their attention when I did this.


Update 11/2012

I’ve been getting automated emails supposedly from a sales person (Ben Danzo) at Amazon – “I would like to discuss the possibility of bringing you on board as an Amazon Pro Merchant”. After sending him a link to this post and turning him down, I continue to get this same email from him every few weeks. This proves even their sales people are automated! There is nobody there!

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146 thoughts on “Selling on sucks!

  • David Axel

    I have been selling on Amazon on and off for a few years recently I decided to focus more on selling on the site. After getting income of about $1500 for about two months I decided that I could use a pro account. After making several inquires to amazons’ customer service, (and it took a few inquires)I was told that the only way to do this would be to close down my current account and start again. I was unhappy about doing this by I reluctantly agreed. So I closed my current account and opened up a pro account. The site said that funds would be held on new account for two weeks as a security measure. I was not happy with this but it seemed reasonable. Right before the two weeks were up I had accumulated about $1400 in my account. The day before the funds were two be released, I received the following message

    “As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the customer experience on, we are conducting a review of your seller account. During this review period your funds will be reserved in your Amazon Payments account for up to 30 days…”

    I immediately stopped selling on Amazon despite them telling me that it was ok. I called customer service and they told me that I had been “selected” and that this was “routine”. At that point I started doing research on Amazon and I was surprised to learn how often they do this and get away with this. I provided them with all the tracking information like they requested (everything was delivered and there were no complaints). I also receive a total of 17 positive feedbacks with no negative feedback.

    They requested information about where I source my merchandise from and I other business information. Information which I feel is an invasion of my privacy. Why should I have to reveal to Amazon detailed information about how I sourced my merchandise. No other online company has requested this. Not eBay; not overstock and not others. My merchant account company has also not requested such information. It is clear to me that they are requesting it to gain useful selling information for their own use.

    I did not try to contact them again about the fairness of holding my funds because I read that a number of people that have tried to do that have had their accounts permanently terminated, rudely told that any further emails would not be returned and fund that were already held for a long time would remain in ‘custody’ for several more months.

    After I received the notice mentioned above I sent them in all the information that they requested in spite of my objections. Immediately afterwards, I emailed them asking if the information that I sent was sufficient. I only received a form letter that did not answer my question. I repeated this and I got the same response.

    About a week ago (3 ½ weeks after they sent the initial email), I received another email that the information that I provided them was insufficient and that my funds would be help for an additional 15 days. They did not explain what was insufficient, but I knew from experience that it would not help to ask. I again sent them more detailed information and I am now waiting. It has been more than thirty days since I shipped my last orders and I have no complaints against me. If they do not want me to sell on Amazon because they think that I am not trustworthy (actually I think that the opposite is true), so they should not let me sell, but why should they hold my money?

    • bdubya

      We are in the midst of the exact same thing.
      Amazon is holding roughly $3K of our money while they review our account! We have great feedback 97% positive and NO A-Z claims against us.
      We need that capitol in order to continue funding our business!
      We currently put our account on “vacation status” because we refuse to continue selling product if they are going to continue holding our money!

      • susan

        My experience was the same , except that i never got the money they held on my account. it was not going to my acct. and was after five months they said they sent a check to me, then that never came. either…… so beware, as they are now not bothering to pay at all……….

        • nick Post author


          That’s terrible! Have you taken legal action to get your money? I finally got our money after four months. I was paying interest on that money at the bank all this time, so I lost hundreds of dollars. Thanks Amazon.

          • kevin smith

            Can you please tell me how you got your money back?? Friggin Amazon gave away over $1700 of my merchandise and money. My ads stated these were brand new cell phones Iphone 5s 16 gb brand new for Sprint. One woman wanted to get her money back after having the phone for 2 months, ,, claiming that I put unlocked in my ad,,,, NEVER EVER DID THAT!! so she makes a claim to this A-z claims and they gave back the money to her in full and said she can keep the phone too, They took the price of the phone out of another phone so They want to giive me $67 for these phones. This is out and out robbery!! I don’t know how to handle this. I live in NY , I think Amazon is in california. How do I get my merchandise back and my money??

          • John Ryder

            I tried, filed a small claims suit, and they just kept getting a motion for continuance which pushed it further and further down the line. It has now been 2 years and 8 months and they’re still holding onto a little over $8k and the judges just keep allowing one continuance after another. This doesn’t surprise me though. Almost everyone in this town works for them (apparently so does the court), but what’s more, most people here see small business owners as greedy “bourgeoisie” who are inherently evil. I kid you not, it’s frightening how fast this attitude is growing.

    • Amazon Expert

      Amazon cares very little about their sellers… One of their main practices in order to loan money to themselves without any interest is to hold sellers’ money for months with out any legit reason which they will give you in a un-comprehensible automatic e-mail. Their computers are design to do this to everyone in other to make their accounting financial statements look healthy and encourage investment in the company. Also their is no such thing as a seller help department as it is all automatic you will be fighting against a machine here not a breathing person. Also the Buyers are given all the power to manipulate the system you can buy many things on Amazon request a refund deny the return of the product and you will both have your money back and keep the product… Amazons automated machines will always give all the power to buyer no matter who is at fault.

      • Tim

        Your comments are spot on! Their system totally skewed for the buyer. Certainly the buyer needs some protections (I get that). But their system is over the top. Should a buyer comment “product defective doesn’t work” or really just basically file under the A to Z program your toast. Buyers need NO legitimate reason. Many buyers who decide they don’t want a product file under A to Z just to avoid freight charges. Now your getting hit both ways and on top of that they penalize you for performance……yet they really do no investigation to see if the buyers claims are legit. It’s one thing to see multiple claims against a seller yet totally different should you have just (1) A to Z claim that’s not truthful. As a seller your only recourse it to spend hours sending pictures and messages into a ‘mechanical system’ that will “always” side with the buyer then dock your freight charges too.

        Amazon’s latest game is to send you an e-mail for their $99. program (Amazon Prime) whether you want it or not. If you don’t respond to the e-mail they automatically debit your credit card for the Amazon Prime Program…..”without your approval”. When it shows up on your monthly credit card statement and you phone them they comment “Oh, I can take care of that. If you don’t respond to our e-mail offer we automatically sign you up? You should have your money back in three business days.” These guys need to be investigated as they have gotten to big for their britches!


      • movas

        Dont buy from amazon or top10cell. They are not trusted in my book. They dont refund money and they treat there customers like garbage. Dont buy from amazon and you will be happier in the future.

    • Duane

      Because Amazon doesn’t want you to make money. They are the ones making money and they don’t care about your money. They want to take advantage of you.

    • Nikki

      I have a similar problem right now. I sold an item for a smaller amount (roughly $100) when I realized I could download a program on my laptop to do the same thing the item does and could just use that money to go towards getting my passport for a missions trip I am taking in March. The sale occured in December and I have yet to receive the money and I keep getting the same email back from Amazon every time I email them about it, it’s just an automated email and I am 99.99% positive no one is even reading my emails. Now my item is in the hands of a stranger and I have not made anything off this sale and in fact am technically in the hole having to pay to fix a shipping problem as long as Amazon does not disburse the money to me. I thought this was a problem I just had as I’ve never heard others complain about Amazon but all this makes me want to do is spread the word about how terrible Amazon truly is!

    • K Galin

      It is actually illegal to hold a sellers funds for more than 10 days in FL, yet they indicated 90 days or greater. With no just cause. Simply made up rules to inflate their numbers and collect interest on small business/sellers funds.

  • Pete

    I read this and could not stopping nodding my head. Same experience except they have decided to hold our funds for 90 days. I thought eBay was bad, merchants beware, complete and uter assholes!

    • nick Post author


      They’re now holding our money for 90 days as well. I’ve canceled my account for good, but still have to wait to get our money. I’m paying interest on this money while they’re out spending it!

  • nick Post author

    Pete and Dave,

    Sorry to hear you went through exactly the same thing I did. I kept getting the copy/paste templated email responses and never could communicate with a real person from what I could tell. The same night I wrote this blog post, I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and I think that helped speed things up. I still had to write a few lines describing my business and internal information, which is private, and they release my funds a few days later. I also pulled all my inventory off my account and quit selling during this time, but as Dave did the same thing, this may not have made any difference. I did not feel like financing all our sales during this period as it would only entice them to hold my money even longer.

  • FPD

    I sell hunting equipments, and per different States and City laws, I cannot sell/ship certain items to restricted places. For example, cannot ship bow and arrow to NY City, or Ninja throwing star.

    Amazon allow to sell those items and have many sellers selling them, and they sell some of them too.

    As a result of the sales restrictions I had to cancel those orders for restricted areas and my pre-cancellation went high to 10% (because I am abiding by the laws as should) and AMAZON suspended my account.

    I proved to amazon that those items have restrictions and should be execluded from the metrics, or metrics should change for them. You cannot expect to uphold same metric in this case for both books and hunting stuff, as one category of products have no restriction laws while the other does.

    Amazon said, either list them and you have to meet the metrics (meaning I have to break the law since 10% of orders I cannot ship legally ship), or not sell those items at all!!!!

    I told them, you are rewarding the sellers who are actively selling those items and can only be meeting the low metrics by breaking the law (or they do not focus on hunting thus numbers are averaged).

    They got unhappy and said u have low buying satisfaction experience… I told them this is not satisfaction experience, this is a laws that we all have to uphold… Also asked them for solution to show the restrictions in the product detail page on Amazon and also show the seller comment for that item (which I indicate the restrictions in) at the customer order confirmation page because they do not (makes no sense why not despite the many requests)…

    So simply this is a Metric issue and Legal Exception issue for those items, not Seller-Performance issue… so they shut down my account completely now!

    Guys, to sell on Amazon it is a requirement to break the laws… they know they are rewarding bad sellers and closing good law abiding ones to satisfy the bottom line! 🙁

    By the way, I also discovered they themselves break the law because they sell items that are restricted in different areas yet they fulfill 100%! if they break the law, why should they hear from ones that do not! make them look bad right?

    What options do you guys suggest I pursue as seller-performance is sadly out of it!

  • Baxter

    I am having this identical problem with Amazon as we speak. I recently started a small business and decided to sell merchandise through Amazon. I generated thousands in the first month and my account was put on review. I received identical notifications posted on this page and just underwent the tedious task of copying/pasting all of my order IDs and tracking numbers, information Amazon already has. I have discontinued selling until my funds are disbursed.

    It is disturbing to see that other people have gone through this problem and had to wait so long to receive their funds. Any suggestions on measures to take or ways to expedite this process? I should’ve stuck with eBay. :/

    • nick Post author


      At one point I made a complaint to the better business bureau and that seemed to get their attention. I actually had a real person with a real name send me a follow up email a while later after they unfroze my account the first time. I’m not sure if it helped get me my money any faster, but it got their attention.

          • daven

            well the thing is you have to pay to have your business listed with the BBB and complaints made to the BBB arent really investigated. and even if they did they cant make amazon do anything. Ive never had a problem with amazon myself but i bought a laptop from wal mart that was preloaded with some sort virus/malware i decided to buy the norton symantec when it first turned my computer on and the next day my account was wiped out. ithen preceded to try to return the computer they wouldnt accept it back. btw wal marts toshiba laptops and samsung tv’s are all refurbished not new. I called the fair trade commision and reprted wal mart they preceded to direct me to my states attorney general i made the complaint with them 3 days later the store manager of the wal mart called me and offered to return the laptop plus a 100 dollar gift card

      • Misty Massie

        This works! I came here and read this trying to solve the problem of Amazon first reviewing my account for a month and then suspending it and telling me i wouldn’t get my funds for another 90 days. It wasn’t much but I needed it and was counting on it, it was very frustrating.

        SO the reason i was suspended was because I found out one of the items I was selling was counterfeit, and the reason I could sell them so low and was selling them so fast was for that reason. So i stopped selling them, canceled all the orders that i had for them (it was a baby item and potentially dangerous, i had to stop the orders even if the people would never know the difference).

        This made my amazon account go way over the allowed limit for cancelled orders. They were already doijng a “routine” review of my account and holding my funds for 30 days. They suspended it when I canceled the orders and said I could look up how to appeal it. So I did, I told them why I cancelled the orders and how I woulds make sure it didn’t happen again. I heard nothing for weeks. I sent another appeal.

        Nothing. So I started searching ways to make them at least give me my money and found this page. I sent a complaint to the bbb.

        The next day my account went from suspended to under review and able to sell again! But still no funds available, and heck if i was gonna start selling anything on amazon again.

        Then i received the reply fromm bbb that amazon had sent in reply to my complaint. They said they had offered me an appeal and I had as of yet failed to submit one!

        I replied that with a cope and paste of their letter notifying me of my suspension and how to appeal, and their notification of receiving my appeal, along with my appeal itself.

        That was either yesterday or the day before I cant quite remember. Today my funds are available and my account is not under review or suspended or anything! I received an email this morning saying my funds were available for disbursement.

        So if you have a legitimate case like this, do try the bbb. there are thousands of others who have already as you will see!

    • Baxter

      Luckily, Amazon released my funds shortly after my post. I sent them the information they requested and now all is good. In total I waited about 3 weeks for their “review” to conclude.

  • Boswell88

    Same story here, Amazon held my money and will not give it back until their “review” which is 90 days. They expect sellers to have perfect customer service and theirs sucks!

  • Jack

    Amazon is in business to ruin sellers businesses. We have list of 21000 sellers who sold on Amazon in 2005, now there are less than 1800 sellers left. We calculate only from that list 100 000 business owners and their employees lives financially ruined by amazon.
    Amazon ODR system is designed to defraud sellers of their earnings. They allow 1 a-z case for 200 orders(0.5%)? They know that there are more than that conman purchasing who make their living by applying to a-z cases. How about if sellers rate Amazon seller performance team, what rating would they get? Now with new email address system they restrict communication between buyers. Divide and conquer.
    Now, new strategy is to get sellers product into their FBA centers and reduce (or get rid of completely) sellers warehouse space. Watch out what will happen soon, they will be increasing fees and poor sellers will be forced to give away their product to Amazon rather than pay high shipping fees to get product shipped back to closed warehouses. There must be way for Amazon sellers to unite.

  • Runmin Jia

    I have exactly the same experience. Amazon doesn’t verify addresses, and then suspends my account due to high cancelling rate. Now about $800 is held by it.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Wow that sucks for you guys so bad. I started out slow and gradually increased volume over the span of 2 years. Amazon never even put me on an initial review, my money has never been held and I make about $15,000 a month on the site. I also buy a lot of merchandise from them and paid for Amazon prime. When I have an item that needs to be replaced and I have no stock, I fulfill directly from Amazon and make notes on the original order that I am ordering from Amazon to fulfill the order.

    In my experience over 7,000 sales, Amazon has provided the incorrect address aprox 1 time and that’s a buyer issue, it is their responsibility to update their own address, the system does show them the address to deliver to before they complete the transaction.

    Oddly enough at the same time I sell on Ebay, another site that is notorious for holding peoples money and manipulating search etc… While on ebay I can understand the system is certainly designed to get rid of all but top performers (They want near impossible numbers though), I have even more transactions over there and I have not had money held, any restrictions or anything else.

    Perhaps it is the many years that appeared to be wasted in call centers attending those boring customer service classes they gave every week. Maybe it was retail experience. But it was apparent that customer service is important in all fields of business or the companies I worked for wouldn’t have wasted so much time, money and effort forcing those courses on their employees so much. I have used the very same customer service skills taught in call centers for the “One call resolution” and it works.

    The expectation has been set somewhere that issues that you encounter with an online seller are not going to be easy to deal with. The customer is already angry, that’s why they’re contacting you. They’re expecting you to be hard to deal with, when they are met with the complete opposite of that expectation they’re usually very apologetic, leave positive feedback or are to ashamed to leave negative.

    The issues are usually few and far between and some sellers understand that no single transaction outweighs the value of their account.

    I would place more blame on the seller as opposed to the venue. I have never been reviewed by either venue because I’m a good seller that doesn’t cause problems. Most problems are caused when a buyer wants to return something.

    Good luck to you all, I wish you the best. I have to go, I have over 35 Amazon packages to prepare from last nights sales.

    • ALAMO1975


      • Maralyn

        I agree ! he or she is the lucky one and the fact that she uses FBA makes them more money so they will definately look after them
        also to suggest that it is our fault that we have been treated by Amazon this way is simply not on ! I had no bad feedback and had been selling on Amazon for over 6 years … they have NO rights to Bankrupt us with their draconian attitude

      • Susan

        It is illegal on Amazon to use their site to fulfill your orders. If you did that and left little notes as you claim they would cancel your Prime membership at the very least. As long as you are lying, why not say you had 3500 packages to send from the night before? Makes it sound even better!

    • Jordan Russell

      This MUST have been typed by an Amazon employee or someone with vested interests with Amazon. This sounds way too fabricated. I know for a fact that Amazon trolls sites (like many large businesses) looking for things that hurt their image. This has to be an Amazon troll. His/her entire message reads like an email FROM AMAZON!

      • Glow Loftus

        I am soothed by the knowledge I am not alone in this. Amazon suspended my account, then sent me a nice email welcoming me back, only to suspend it 2 days later while I was in the middle of fulfilling orders. This has been a nightmare.

    • Jack

      you forgot to sign off on your message that you work for Amazon. Karma will work its way to you and Amazon.

      Get ready and bend over and suck it….

  • summerloved48 sucks! Don’t even consider buying any items from this site. All they do is lie about everything and when you try to talk to customer service they don’t even have an idea of solving the problem..I bought a pharmacology book, trying to save some money when buying it from the bookstore. The seller from amazon said it’ll be delivered in 3 days.. Placed the order on Jan.12, 2011, said that item was shipped January 14,2011..It;s already January 27 and i still don’t have my book..Contacted the seller on January 21 and said that my item should be here this week begining January 24,2011..Until now still haven’t seen the shadow of my book..Couldn’t do anything with my class because I don’t have the that item.Just took exam without having to study because again I still don’t have the book. AMAZON.COM, you SUCK!
    People if you have to buy more to buy your book at the bookstore by all means do it, don’t even try thinking about saving money from this website or you’ll LOOSE OUT! That’s all i can say..

  • Simon

    Buy at Amazon is ok.

    But selling at Amazon is definitely a huge mistake I made. I’m still struggling with them for the so called review which hold my money for almost two months now. I had zero negative customer rating and actually I have no rating at all from customer because I started using Amazon to sell my extra personal stuff 2 months ago. Amazon is stupid, unreasonable and bastard. They hold you money and asked you to be patient for their review and every single time you contact them, they give you the exactly the same generic answer which is as stupid as they are. I don’t see the point for the dumbest process, especially talking about my situation: new seller and no customer rating and I shipped items two months ago. Until now, I got no money for none of the items I sold.

    Go to hell, Amazon, fuck your stupid rule. You deserve bankruptcy sooner or later!!!!!!!!

    Don’t sell through Amazon.

  • Alex

    What i think we should all do is file a class action lawsuit they are definitely breaking the rule. What they are doing is holding all that money which is not theirs and they use it towards expansion of their business and probably ranking up all those interest from the banks. Lets all do something about it we deserve a shot in the court system.

  • Ian Greenwood

    Surely the time has come for a group of people to get to-gether and start a case against Amazon through Trading Standards

    Information like this should be in the public domain—someone has to take action

    • Maralyn

      yes I agree with you and if there was enough of us all globally I do think they WOULD have to change the way they work ? I personally have lost income to the tune of 20K /GBP and they have actually caused me to go Bankrupt with loss of my whole business that was based using the platform of Amazon Pro Seller so if anyone out there thinks we can all club together to show them they cant get away with this please let me know what I can do to help
      M Smith
      United Kingdom

  • maureen

    I have totally had enough of these bastards, I have 100% feedback, they are holding about £3k of my money, and have been for over 2 montths. Think we should all come together and write to the press, maybe then they will stand up an listen

    Let me know your thoughts guys

  • Jackie

    This is what I filed with the Better Business Bureau:
    I have been selling on Amazon for a few months. Amazon’s policy is that when you receive an order you have to ship the item before you receive your payment. I have sold several items and shipped them on time. This time I tried to get my money for the items I already sold and shipped, I was told my account was in review and I will not receive any money due to me for up to 45 days! However, they went on and told me that I could keep selling and shipping my items to customers but I would not be paid. In addition, they tell you there will be no phone support!
    I paid for this inventory out of my pocket! I had to pay UPS out of my pocket! The customer has there item. In addition, Amazon made sure they took their cut of money but they are holding on to mine the only person out financially! I want to be paid for the items I sold and shipped!
    I did my own research into this to see if others were having this problem and I found many people this has happened to here:
    After what I have read, I had to close all of my items! This should be illegal!
    I told Amazon If you do not pay me for items I already mailed I will not take more orders and that will be thanks to your company rules.

    Note: I have had no negative feedback from any Amazon customers for Amazon to even single me out like that.

    • daven

      the bbb will do nothing for you. its bassically a scam it is in no way affiliated with the government federal state local its bassically a database of buisnesses. Trust me ive dealt with large companies not allowing returns of items, or misadvertising services that are damaged and such, class action suit will never work neither will small claims court. companies like amaon and wal mart have crazy amounts of lawyers. In my experience, threaten to report these large companies to the Fair trade commision if they dont budge go ahead and report them. then report to your states trade commision i live in texas and it is under the attorney generals office i think most states are the same. these are real government agencies that do something agin the bbb is not affiliated with any government they do nothing dont waste your time. Trust me no company wants tohear from the ftc or your states attorneyt general on bad terms this has worked for me with wal mart,tmlobile and verizon wireless

  • Jackie

    I have been selling on Amazon for a few months. Amazon’s policy is that when you receive an order you have to ship the item before you receive your payment. I have sold several items and shipped them on time. This time I tried to get my money for the items I already sold and shipped, I was told my account was in review and I will not receive any money due to me for up to 45 days! They call this injustice a “Review” However, they went on and told me that I could keep selling and shipping my items to customers but I would not be paid. In addition, they told me there would be no phone support I can only email them!
    I paid for this inventory out of my pocket! I had to pay UPS out of my pocket! The customer has there item. In addition, Amazon made sure they took their cut of my profits but they are holding on to mine the only person out financially! Besides the IRS, I didn’t think anyone else could legally hold your earnings…? In addition, on top of holding on to my money they want me to send all the UPS tracking number to every item I have already sold which they already have on record. They also want me to give them a Detailed explanation of my business including whom I buy my inventory from! Invasion of my privacy is what call that!

    After what I have read on here, I had to close my entire sale! I turned down 5 orders because of this run around. I told Amazon If you do not pay me for items I already mailed I will not take more orders and that will be thanks to your company’s policies.
    Note: I have had no negative feedback from any Amazon customers to justify all this.

    • nick Post author

      Jackie, I’m sorry to hear that. Your experience is exactly what I went through as well. It gets expensive financing all the orders for 45 days doesn’t it? In the end, not doing business with Amazon is the best thing to do.

    • Bill Patterson

      Please for the love of god tell me why are you people still selling on Amazon? What could possibly be your motivation? Everyone who sells on Amazon is subject to fraud and Amazon is supports backing the fraudulent buyers. I have sent Jeff Bezos emails describing the logistical holes in the policy. The replys blatantly confirm the problem yet they were willing to do nothing to resolve. Why would you work with people like this?? If you continue to do so then I hate to say you deserve what you get. Sorry.

      • michelle

        I started selling on amazon because of a bad experience selling on ebay last year. Now a bad experience with a buyer on amazon and amazon made me refund his money without getting the sold item back! they made me give it away!

        • Bill

          Yes this just happened to me too. Disgusting. Wat is the point of selling items if the buyers know they can use it for awhile then return it and it is no longer sellable? And….not only did you give it away, you paid to ship it to them too. I have a knot in my stomach because its so infuriating. E don’t review anything, they always side in favor of the buyer. This works for them. They keep there buyers buying. Motto is: seller beware

        • Helen

          Same problem here. I sold an item, the buyer falsely claim that the item was not as advertised. The buyer filed a claim, Amazon granted the claim. I applealed, but even before I appeal, they reimbured the buyer, charged my Amazon account, and sent to the buyer an email saying that she can keep the item!!! I have spent almost two months on this case, the people I have talked to in Amazon Seller Support have not been able to provide any help / support.

          Now, I have no money and no item. And the buyer just let me know that she is not returning the product because Amazon told her not to return it!

          Any suggestions?

    • Don't Seel on amazon


  • Dr. Azin

    I was also suspended.. I was selling well, had no negative feedback, and bam, suspended. there were a few things I found I did wrong and corrected them. They also said they would get back to me about my suspension and never did. I have called, email, etc… nothing… I actually was doing very well….. I am just so depressed over this because I am disabled and can not get a normal job…. I filed a complaint with the BBB, I hope it does something.

  • greg

    I started selling on ebay a couple months ago and have had a similar experience as most of you have. I was informed my account was being closed and funds held for 90 days. They are holding over 36k! After they closed my account I debated on whether to send items that had already been paid for or just go in and cancel them. I decided to be fair to the buyers I would send their product. I had one guy give negative feedback saying he was waiting for his package when tracking number stated he had it, and another customer file an a- z claim saying he waited an exceptionally long time to get his package. Probably a legit gripe since I was hesitant to send product. I am now scared sh–less that I will not get my money. Is there any way I can get them to release even part of the money? Most of the items have been verified as received per postal service. My fear is not getting my money, and having them keep funds from b.s. complaints when I already sent merchandise. Plus if there is a legit postal complaint after 90 days the postal service won’t even bother with it. What do I do? Is anyone filing a class action suit? If not how do we start?

  • jim

    My account was suspended as well. Mine was suspended after I canceled an order to someone because I had already sold the book. I also never responded to a few scams asking me to ship my laptops without paying for them to india and pay the people through paypal and not amazon or wire me the money or whatever. I sold about 4-5 books and that was it. I made only 100-200 dollars. I had 1 positive feedback and no negative feed back. Then I started selling laptops. They allowed me to sell 2 laptops and then when i had just under 1k dollars coming in they reviewed my account. They asked for details as to my supply chain, business model, pricing etc. I gave them my details then they continued reviewing my account and said they didnt need to give me a reason. Again I had no negative feedback but listed about 20 computers/netbooks (older models) for sale. I had the computers and am now selling them online on another site. What struck me as odd is that they explicitly requested that I could keep selling on their website but that I would not get paid at all during the review period. Also, they said that I could sell but not be paid during the review period that could be between 30-90 days. huh???

    I was tempted to ship them out and wait for to pay me. Primarily because my profit margin was pretty large on these orders. But I decided to grab a coffee that morning and think it over before shipping out the 500-600 dollar shipment of laptops. After I typed my rebuttal and sent copies of all my receipts for my merchandise, business model and supply chain (craigslist ummm laptops i refurbish while in school erm…laptops i bought with that credit card offer??) I researched online and found that they could hold my funds for 90 days. So I decided to refund all my customers orders and hold onto my merchandise. I did this and let my customers know the situation with and that asked me to sell on their website and then wait 30-90 days for me to get paid. After did this they promptly canceled my sellers account. They then said I was banned from ever selling on their website again like they brought me up on charges or something and I was a criminal. Again I had 1 wopping feedback which was positive. I bought maybe 2 things with this account as well. They cant hold onto your money for 30-90 days. It is illegal to do so. Even apt complexes have to refund your deposit in 28 days. they hold it for 90 days without hesitation. Im sure they even confiscate money when they need it. I say report your claims to the FTC – federal trade commission. Say that they are not paying you and report them to the regulatory bodies for nonpayment.Also sue them in small claims and force them to pay for an attorney to defend themselves in court. Attorneys love to run up the bill so even a small dispute can run them 2-3k easily.

    • nick Post author

      Jim, this is exactly what happened to me and this is why selling on Amazon sucks. I agree it should be illegal for them to hold our money like that for three months. They’re funding their business interest free.

  • Joe Dassaro

    I had a horrible experience as a Seller on Amazon MarketPlace. I now encourage EVERYONE to stay clear unless you are willing to completely lose whatever you are selling.

    I detailed my story here:

    If I had read my own post prior to selling my stuff on Amazon, I never would have. As it is now, I am involving Post Office inspectors and the local police and filing a report of fraud. Who knows where it will go, but my new hobby is screwing the buyer who screwed me.

    It became personal.

    • nick Post author

      Yeah, a buyer can return anything on amazon for pretty much any reason. It’s all automated from Amazons’ side; good luck telling your story and getting anywhere with Amazon.

  • Shrenik


    I have been a seller on for a long while, Last month I listed a lot more items and had decent sales of $2000 then i treid logging into my account one day and couldnt login. I tried changng the password and still couldnt login, I wrote an email to customer service and I received this reply.

    ” Hello from

    Thank you for writing about your selling account.

    We regret that your account has failed our review process. Your account has been closed and you are no longer eligible to sell on our site.

    Please note that we will be unable to correspond further about this situation.

    The blocking of your account is a permanent action. We take such steps in the interest of maintaining a free and fair venue for all participants.


    Seller Performance Team

    I request that you please let me know what I should do now, should I do to get my money back. I have absolutely no information about my account and amazon fails to reply to my emails. Should I file a complaint with BBB?? Any suggestions will be welcome,


    • nick Post author

      Wow, that’s pretty bad. They’re telling you up front that they won’t talk to you about it at all and you’ll just have to deal with it. This is proof that people shouldn’t rely on your amazon sales to make a living; one day you’ll be making a living running your business and the next day you’ll have nothing. Like I said, I was able to talk to a read person after I filed with the BBB. If they do return your money, it’ll probably take months to get it. I wish you luck; let me know how it turns out.

    • daven

      dont waste your time contrary to popular belief bbb is not government affiliated at all. The fair trade commison and your states attorney generals office has a retail /sales fraud division that will get the job done is where they need to be reported i know this from experience. ive had problems with wal mart verizon wireless and tmobile in all 3 cases 2-3 days after i made the reports i got calls from these companies district managers and they were jumping through hoops to please me. these big companies DO not want to hear from the attorney genral of the ftc on a bad note


      the same thing happened to me . go on face book first and smeared them and call their customer service every day repeatedly and curse at them with all your power \by threatening that you are going to sue them and wish them teh worst horrible wish you could ever think of . all teh time — that is what i did . and you know what they do they will not let you log in so you don’t have any physical evidence of the money you owe them always make a copy of everything you sell in there before you log out but not it is too late but late to curse at them . and threaten them legally and wish them death i caleld them over 20 times a day till they gave up and told me or your money will be released . don’t bend they will eat yoru money and could luck they want people like most americans who are passive and don’t fight for their rights they are legal criminals . my friend you have one life and so many rights fight for them al withe one life you had ..

  • robbed by amazon

    This is a true story and my fault,but they showed no remorse.I have been selling on Amazon for a couple of years with no problems 100% positive feedback very few we can not force customers to leave feedback.
    I have copied and pasted there very own rules and sent them to Amazon and still lost.They dont even follow there own rules.After several attempts telling them I did not receive any emails pertaining to a refund until the day of the refund they still refused to reverse the case.I think this is fraud and on line theft is there any legal actions to be taken.Please read the following

    The buyer purchased an item using the Marketplace Payments by Amazon system but never received the item they ordered. The buyer received the item, but the item was materially different than expected and depicted in the seller’s description. The buyer has returned, or wants to return, an item and the seller will not respond to their inquiries
    When customers have a problem with a transaction made through Marketplace Payments by Amazon, we ask them to first contact the seller to give them a chance to address the issue at hand. The customer can file a guarantee claim if the seller does not respond or if the issue is not addressed to the customer’s satisfaction. The guarantee claim eligibility window opens at 3 calendar days after the maximum estimated delivery date for the order, or 30 days from the order date, whichever is earlier. Customers may file a guarantee claim up to 90 days from the order date. However, we reserve the right to accept claims after that time frame, if we find an investigation into the matter is warranted.

    The primary areas covered by the A-to-z Guarantee claim are items never arriving to the customer or items that are materially different than expected. If a seller is found responsible for an A-to-z Guarantee claim, reserves the right to debit the seller’s account and/or recover claim funds that were previously reimbursed proactively by

    My buyer won’t return the item they filed a claim for — what do I do?
    Buyers are expected to work with you to make return arrangements for merchandise before filing a claim. If the buyer has received an item that is materially different and have not received a response from you with return instructions, he or she may file a Guarantee claim for the purchase. Once a customer is reimbursed for an order via the A-to-z Guarantee, does not obligate that customer to return the item they received. However, you are welcome to contact your customer directly to arrange for a return of the item.

    Comments: item arrived, perfect condition, not opened .. box is intact, however gift recipient changed mind after order was placed.

    October 17, 2011  I was never contacted buy this buyer of any issues with this product. The seller stated in there commit to Amazon the product was perfect they just changed there mind. I have just been robbed, now I have no product or the money from this sale. The seller nor Amazon never contacted me about this refund until 10/17/11 I was un aware of any issues or refunds, this person just stole a product from me This case needs to be reversed. A buyer should not be able to purchase and then just change there mind after having an item for a month. this is ridiculous

  • Neil Peterson

    The other day I received an email from seller’s performance team telling me that my sellers account was being suspended and all of my listings canceled, that any funds would be held for 90 days and that any new accounts that I try and open would be closed. They justified this action because my ODR rate had fell to an unacceptable rate below their standards. My ODR rate fell due to 3 separate instances where my sellers account was broken into and a number of bogus listing were placed on my active inventory list. I have been selling on since 2008 and this year everything turned negative, starting with the break ins of my account.
    I don’t feel this action was justified, because I had many good sales, however many of the sales, I had I never received any feedback form them.
    I was shut down once before and they threw this performance criteria in my face and I wrote them back telling them that this whole thing wasn’t my fault and due to the breakins. The first time they did reinstate, but this time they are refusing to reinstate, although I wrote them about it. As, I’ve read in many other places on the internet and that is, Amazon is not for the seller at all. I admit, I made an identity error and the buyer received an item, that was not compatible. I don’t feel, I deserve this treatment by Amazon, because I have always tried to satisfy the customer, even if it meant taking it out of my own pocket. I think they need to look at their feedback system, as clearly it hurts the seller, as there are many trigger happy buyers out there that won’t try and negotiate with the seller. They just want to ruin the sellers business as such by giving the lowest rating possible when a problem is encountered. So, now my selling experience with Amazon is over and although I regret this action, I don’t particularly care for the actions this company is taking against the sellers, who honestly are trying to do right by the customer etc. etc. Needless to say the past instances this year where my sellers account with Amazon was broken into and then my account was reinstated cost me a lot of time and work to get my listings back in order, so maybe its time to say good bye forever to this company that treats their sellers like they do here. I just wanted to share my experiences and thoughts with the rest, who have been ousted by

    • cathy mullen pearl


      You have had great experience w/selling on Amazon. Could you identify at least the general product or product area of your business? I am considering the use of the Amazon webstore and would love to have an idea or ideas from folks who have been successful. My product is specialty apparel.


  • Bill

    Is there any way to create a new account on amazon without them suspending it again? i heard they trace url’s, ip addresses, etc. i just basically set up a new account (was suspended myself) and it worked but I have yet to link up a payment method – do i need to get a new checking account to link it to?

  • autumn

    Well sadly I found this site because I have had the same experience with Amazon. I had a lot of books lying around and after I got laid off, I decided to list some of them and see what happened. In my first day I had over 12 orders and as you can imagine did very well in my first month. Suddenly I got an email just a couple of days ago stating that my account was under review, my funds being held but that I was to continue to fulfill my orders. They also requested additional information like tracking numbers, which they already had access to. They also asked questions like was I selling somewhere else, where did I get my inventory, etc. Things that were none of their business and not at all relevant to their review. I have 100% positive feedback-no cancellations, refunds, a-z claims. So now they are holding several hundred dollars of my money but still want me to go through the expense of fulfilling orders? Makes no sense. After what I have read here and on some other sites I am thinking it is best to just remove my inventory and close my seller account. My only concern is whether they will then turn around and try to use that as an excuse for keeping my money. Are they just holding my money or have you guys found that they try to find reasons not to return it to you at all?

  • Kevin

    We are experiencing the same problem!

    Our account went under review around 3 weeks ago, and we now have no money to fund our business. LLC is now currently holding over $8,000.00USD of ours all will not release these funds for disbursement. We only have 6 feedback, but we are at 100% with no A-Z claims.

    Amazon is using our money for their business expansion while we cannot pay for our:
    1) rent
    2) monthy car loans
    3) auto insurance
    4) credit card bills
    5) future inventory purchases

    We have been assessed interest charges, credit card fees, othe late fees, and negative credit reporting to the three credit bureaus! We have contacted the Better Business Bureau about this matter on April 4, 2012 and Amazon is still refusing to release our funds for disbursement. Our inventory listings have been deleted from our account, as we have no intentions on selling on this site in the future.

    We have had enough of this situation. As a result, we purchased the domain We are in the process of making a small website where sellers can collaborate together about similar issues. We hope that this will help make a difference.

  • jillian

    I just had an experience with Amazon where a customer flat out lied about an item she purchased from me. She filed an A to Z claim and NOW she gets to keep the item she purchased PLUS gets her money back. They informed me that was in the agreement I agreed to when I signed up to sell there.

    How is this legal? I emailed them asking them to send me a link to where it states that for my attorney – which I don’t have – yet.
    I am livid!

    Bottom line, they do not care about their sellers. I thought Ebay had it’s issues, but nothing compared to this!
    Everyone needs to get the word out.

  • nancy

    I have had a couple of bad experiences buying on Amazon. Both times I ordered items that were never delivered. Both times items were offerred from other suppliers at a MUCH higher price than was originally contracted from original vendor. My order was cancelled only after I inquired about it after it was supposed to have been delivered. Both times I had to initiate contact and Amazon never offered an explanation. They just cancelled my order.

  • frank

    Amazon is the biggest scam going! This is a Ponzi Scheme at it’s finest!!!! they are stealing sellers money and using it interest free unlawfully! SELLER’S BEWARE!! DO NOT SELL ON AMAZON!

  • benjielyn

    Wow! I am just glad I search for the reviews on selling at amazon, because I am really planning already to sell at amazon and now I am faced with all these negatives ugly experiences of longtime sellers! oh my thanks God led me here, now I will not waste my time money and effort buying wholesale merchandise to sell on amazon.

    I guess it would be better off having your own website.

  • rachel

    this is happening to uk sellers too, i am a british journalist and am doing my best to sell an article about this situation to one of our large tabloids this corporate bullying must be uncovered and stopped if we can get enough bad press for them their share prices will fall

    • Andy

      Hi Rachel,

      I’m in the UK & experiencing this Amazon fund-holding “review” nonsense. Amazon’s actions are immoral & possibly illegal. Drop me a line at if you want to swap info.

      (That’s an invite for Rachel only – I don’t have time to talk to anyone else about it. Rachel might actually make something happen.)

      Cheers, Andy

      • Andy

        This may help some people who find this page. Amazon reinstated my selling ability and released my funds the day after I did 3 things: (1) I sent all the details about my business 3 times by opening 3 different cases. I copied and pasted Amazon’s questions and wrote my answers underneath to make it as clear as possible. I also attached jpegs of 3 proofs of postage of my sales. (2) I wrote a formal and respectful appeal by pressing the “Appeal” button in the notification page where they said my selling priviliges were suspended. (3) I emailed all my customers and explained my problem and asked them to please leave me feedback to prove I’m a genuine seller who gives good service. Quite a lot did then very kindly leave me feedback and I’ve thanked each one of them individually 🙂 I hope this post helps someone get their account back quickly. I’m very relieved to say that it is definitely possible. Best wishes, Andy

        • Sam

          Andy – I followed the advice in your comment and the next day Amazon notified me they finished their review and unfroze my account. Thank you! I immediately requested they transfer my payment.

          In my case I had only three orders in the past year and I cancelled one because I had accidentally listed it wrong. The first two orders were used books (one of which I cancelled) and the third was my used laptop. I’m still not sure what caused the review but I think it was either the cancellation or the laptop sale. The cancellation happened months ago, but the review was initiated recently, immediately after the laptop sale.

          I emailed merchant-approval several times over the course of a week but got no information other than the boilerplate, which was frustrating. I clicked the “Request Appeal” button, for whatever that is worth.

          I started searching online for Amazon seller issues and found Nick’s blog post. I read half-way through the comments and got very concerned about my own account and what was in store for me.

          After reading Andy’s comment I emailed Amazon one last time, explaining the book cancellation and the laptop sale. I explained the books were sent media mail so I have no tracking, and I provided the tracking for the laptop. I went back to my order history and contacted all three buyers and politely told them I would very much appreciate their feedback, and one did provide feedback! (And I thanked him.) The next day, Amazon unfroze my account!

          Good luck sellers!

  • Unluckyseller

    My Amazon account has been suspended without any notice or review at all, I even log in last night and this morning, all my account and store front has been erased unknown reason. I can not log in to ask AMZ why. I call to customer service and they transfer me to the email, I email to them according to this email and have been waiting but I know that they will not answer (I read many blog and I know that). I hard working for 3 month, they always abuse me by the warning email and threatened me to suspend if I violate their policy, many policies…I get crazy with their rules. I earn not enough $300 margin, but they cost me $1,200 commission fees and and now, they close my account without any notice or explanation and seem rob from me $1,500 remain on my account.

    Why United State let a Company treat to it’s Customer like that? We are the human, we have right to be given detail, reason and explanation . We have right to receive our money and responsible for what we do and Sue someone who is illegal.

    So I found this website in there all Seller on Amazon together make petition letter to Congress. I think it is better if we are stay together to Sue Amazon. Please join here and make your sign, we think we can make the change and make it right. thank you

  • judy

    Wow, I had no idea Amazon was so bad. I just registered and sold my first book (and my last from what I’ve read). We’ll see how long it takes to receive my money – if ever. I lost money on the shipping cost, and I wanted to ditch the textbook anyway – so this will be a good experiment. I didn’t use ebay because to my knowledge there is still no useable search engine for isbn numbers. But at least with ebay, I have the money in my account before I ship. Sheesh, what a shame Amazon is so unethical as I thought what a great venue to sell my used books. I guess I’ll keep searching for a legit site.

  • Roy Daniel

    Amazon and Ebay provide a platform for buyers to slander their own sellers with feedback that is many times untrue and in other cases the problem has been taken care of but negative feedback is not removed by either company. This affects one’s private and professional reputation and causes loss of revenue by diminishing sales. Both companies acknowledge that many times feedback is unwarranted but neither will remove it. If a complaint is legitimate and has been fixed, the feedback remains. Both companies have destroyed thousands of sellers with this policy but nothing has been done to stop this like a class action lawsuit to regain revenue when unwarranted feedback caused this loss and the company was notified but ignored the complaint. Amazon directly competes against their own sellers (fulfillment by Amazon) so there is conflict of interest in keeping negative feedback against their sellers. If you are selling items that are low margin, Amazon keeps about 43% of the money and you get 57% of the money and then you have to pay to ship out of your money. You get to keep more by selling on Ebay but you will sell less.

  • Shelley

    I am new with Amazon. After my first month, after the monthly fee and then the whopping 16% fee on each sale, and the fact that no matter how many times I changed my shipping info of kept populating as a flat $4 each, I closed my store to the public to re-evualate of this was going to actually bring me a profit. And since I was about to launch my own site too, figured was best.

    Closed on 10-2-12. And it says “none of your products will be viewable to customers” when I logged back in 3 weeks later.. I realized I had 9 orders pending. and most were about 2 weeks late and all were charged just $4 for shipping.

    I of course was mortified as this makes me look bad and already had negative feedback now cause the customer didnt ever hear from me… I emailed them but based off all this feedback, I don’t have high hopes…

    They make a good profit off these stores so I don’t understand why they would not either support the stores or get rid of them.

    And holding money for 2 weeks is a bit much but these stories about holding it for 60-90 days? How can they do this legally??

  • Jordan Russell

    This is spot on. I am so happy I finally found information to help me with this. I have spent the past 2 days pulling my hair out over this, and now I finally have a way to get their attention! I thought about contacting the BBB, but I thought that it would take AGES to get anything done with them. Thank you SO much for this info! I will be writing an article very similar to yours on my blog, and plan to place the link to yours in my description as evidence. Keep up the good work!

  • Alex

    I am from Canada , selling on Ebay for over 3 years & it is going well.
    I am selling software at a lower price that Amazon.
    In August 2012 I have opened a account with & started selling.
    After about 2 weeks I have had about 1500$ in my account & my account got under review.
    BTW in a business there are secrets that I do not think should be revealed.
    After answering to all Amazon’s questions about my stock, from where do I have the products…etc
    My account got suspended ,I have tried to call seller support that it does not support the sellers too much.
    I have got no answer on why my account was suspended & I got tired .
    I have sent a email to & & ask for what is going on ,, still no answer.
    After 2 weeks I got a phone call from someone at Amazon in regards of my email that was not able to tell me why
    my account was suspended.
    Now I have to wait 90 days for the funds to be released , during the 90 days my $$ is used by Amazon as
    being their own .
    If this Amazon scam/business is going like this they will go bankrupt & I will also want to bring them in court
    to answer to some questions about their business practice.
    My personal opinion on why my account was suspended is because I was selling at a lower price than Amazon sells &
    I was a direct competition.

  • Alexandre

    It happened to me too, my seller account is blocked now without reason but now I just want to be refunded of my money back, it’s around 78$ and it would be much more money but I canceled all the orders after recieving their email of their intention to block my account and I don’t want to sell again at amazon or reinstate my account. Now I just want to get my money back without waiting 90days!!! and delete all my information from this scam site and I will fill a claim at too!

  • Erick Henning

    Amazon removed us with no explination, and held our money. we think this is unfair buisness practice, and are looking for class action lawsuit to join or interested parties to start one against amazon.

  • Bea Robinson

    I’m with 4.200 tied with them and I was victim by the same excuse. I’m really pissed of because I have almost 40 100% 5 stars feedbacks, 100% of delivery in time, less than 1% of returns/refunds… I’m desperate. I also have a webstore powered by them and I want to migrate to other webstore provider. Does someone has some suggestion about how can I do that?

  • Brett

    They have done the samething to me. Amazon put us under review and now they are holding $51,494.00 of our money saying its going to be 30 days while they review. They want us to float $51,494.00 for 30 days in witch it’s going to cost a fortune in intrest. I will be contacting a lawer about this one.

  • Victor White

    The way to get Amazon to pay up is threatening to send invoices to customers you’ve shipped products to. Send Amazon a sample invoice that you intends to send to each and ever customer who has received the products.

    I am sure Amazon will talk to you differently; and if Amazon calls you bluff, send those invoices to the customers and let them sort it out with Amazon. If the the customers want, they can cancel the purchase through Amazon and pay you directly (at a lower price).

  • leon Reed

    I had exactly the same thing happen to me that the original poster described. I gave them all the information they asked for in their post (exactly as the original post describes) and got back exactly the same auto-reply. They’ve now been holding my money 2 1/2 days. I’m going to the County and State attorney general fraud branches next week if they don’t release my money.

  • leon Reed

    Update two weeks later. No news. Amazon is now sitting on nearly $1000 of my money. I’ve raised my prices through the roof, hoping that nothing more sells to allow Amazon to steal more of my money. It’s increasingly evident there is no review, as the original post said. No acknowledgement of any e mails, whether I say “here’s the information you requested, please provide a status” or whether I say “you M**** F**** better send me my money.” No response to my appeal. Seattle Better Business Bureau is nothing more than a mail-forwarding service. They passed my message on to Amazon and passed Amazon’s response on to me. I’ve also complained to the Virginia Attorney General but I don’t expect a response to that. It’s really nothing more complicated than theft of MY money. I figure there are two possible explanations: 1) it’s a shakedown to get their Merchants to send their inventory to Amazon so Amazon can charge them money to warehouse and ship it, or 2) it’s just a way to get no-interest capital from their Merchants. It’s always disappointing to discover that what seems to be a legitimate business is just a scam.

  • WS

    I was thinking of selling pc parts on amazon>i’m not trying to run a store,just have about 600 dollars in misc stuff,so of which is new.

    I buy alot of stuff,through amazonbut I’m appalled at this thievery.I gut says stay far away!

  • Adam


    I’m in week 4 of my “review”.
    Waiting on $1500 that Amazon is holding. That covers 2 months of rent for me!
    Needless to say, I became even more disheartened when I stumbled across these postings.
    I feel everyone’s frustrations.
    If I hear nothing by day 30, I’m going to take action with some of the suggestions above.
    Thanks, and good luck to all you others that are having the same problem.

  • cris cristia does NOT care about their sellers. They constantly have the wrong listing information on their website, and they blame us the sellers when their is a problem with this.

    Amazon customer service SUCKS !!

    I plan to start a blog dedicated to calling Amazon out for their nonsense. They need to be stopped. They are ruining things for everyone.

  • dave

    thanks for the great comments. i started selling on amazon a few months ago thinking to expand my business from ebay and my own online store. i have been on ebay for 10 years now and have had a few accounts before figuring it all out .. ( it was a pain in the ass the 1st two accounts) but after a few years i figured out ebay and now i do about $10,000 a month on ebay excluding the $1500 in service fees i pay to ebay. i have 25 000 feedback ( which everyone leaves (1 point for ebay)) i figured i should check to see what the blogs were saying about amazon while i was putting some eggs in this basket. good thing i did so now i know what to do incase i get into trouble. thank you eveybody and nick for your insight. now i know what to expect and it can happen at any moment. also from this blog i figure to keep my account simple, to only put 100 small items on a week and not put my high end items on amazon. i will also keep my best selling items off of amazon or put them on at a higher price. but believe me i will probabily be back with some crap to say after they shut me down also. good luck to all.. dave

  • jim brown

    I cant believe any small business sells on amazon. Your basically competing against amazon and your giving them your money every month. That’s like paying someone to punch you in your face over and over again until they knock you out. I thought ebay was bad but amazon is by far the most corrupt company out there.

  • Kristina

    I am a former seller on Amazon…….still having issues with them. In a year, they shut me down 3 times for no valid reason. The first time, they held onto almost 4 grand for nearly 4 months. The next time, they held onto my funds for a week as I complained so much; the third and last time, they’re holding over a grand until the end of Jan, at least. Don’t know what to do….I’ve filed complaints everywhere.

      • Tatiana Foster

        I am a seller on ebay and Amazon. I have been having issues with Amazon, as well. They blocked my account twice for their “review”. Good thing I managed to get them unblock it. Now they cancelled one of my listings (something which sells well over and over again), based on an ungrounded accusation of a buyer that the item was fake. I provided my invoices to amazon – the legitimate place where I get my merchandize as a proof it’s not fake. they still went ahead and cancelled the listing inspite of the evidence provided by me. Now I am worried about my entire account.
        Please let me know about your class action lawsuit. Is it still happening? I am willing to join is I can – I have proof of their wrong doing.

  • julie

    I am an Amazon seller who sold successfully for years. Now they are shutting me down and illegally holding my merchandise. PLEASE move forward with a class action lawsuit! It is our only recourse. Please contact me if an attorney takes on this lawsuit. I have never sued anyone in my life, but this is the only way we will be able to stop this abuse from Amazon.

    • Daniel Chew froze my account without any notification; I had to call them to find out. It was my first sale, and I shipped the item on time to the buyer only to have them freeze the account. Idiots claimed that I can’t fulfil my part of the sale, even though I had just shipped the item to the buyer.

  • john zheng

    Hello from Amazon.

    We are writing to let you know we have removed your selling privileges, canceled your listings, and placed a temporary hold on any funds in your Marketplace Payments account. Any new selling accounts you open will be closed.

    We took this action because it has come to our attention that you may have listed products which are in violation of our policies against intellectual property infringement. As stated in our policies, the sale of unauthorized replicas, pirated, counterfeit, and knock-off merchandise is not permitted on our site.

    We encourage you to take appropriate steps to resolve any pending orders. Note that any amounts paid as a result of A-to-z Guarantee claims and chargebacks may be deducted from your Marketplace Payments account.

    After 90 days, the hold will be removed and any remaining funds will be available per your settlement schedule. In addition, balance and settlement information will be available in the Payments section of your seller account. If you have questions about these funds, please write to

    While we appreciate your interest in continuing to sell on, the removal of your selling privileges is a permanent action.

    Seller Performance Team

    Hide original notification

    Received Oct 4, 2012 7:00:15 AM PDT PDT (a year ago)

    We’ve received your appeal

    Our Seller Performance team will review your appeal, and you should expect a reply by Oct 5, 2012 7:00:15 AM PDT.

    Things you can do while awaiting our response:

    Confirm all the items you have shipped and provide tracking information.
    Update your inventory.
    Monitor customer contacts and resolve any customer issues.
    Solicit feedback from your customers.

    Learn more about how to improve your selling performance.

    You wrote:

    Suspended for poor selling performance

    we understand that our seller account is suspended for poor selling performance
    so we will improve by 1. sell the product that is legal for sell, 2.Most importantly, we will respond more quickly and proactively to any problems with customer orders to keep our customers more informed and help prevent A-z guarantee claims.

    All of our vendors’ inventory will be reviewed before adding to our inventory. Please let us know what should be done to reinstate our account, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Suspended for policy violation

    always review the item that we put on sell if is good for sell in amazon
    All of our vendors’ inventory will be reviewed before adding to our inventory. Please let us know what should be done to reinstate our account, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Contact phone number


    they did teh same thing to me. they froze my account and told me keep selling and we or us decide when we will release the money . i went to face book and smeared their name under amazon market place and i kept emailing htem every day and sent them the most vile emails someone with a komodo dragon mouth can think of, such as. have a horrible death have cancer soon on and on and a week after that they released the money and banned me from selling and i did not give a fuck about these bustards who do not care about people or america but their own pockets . f corporate america is teh worst and the worst thing ever happened to human kinds they are worst then terrorists for they are legal terrorists. my advice to you never take a shit they don’t give a fuck . threaten them to sue them, curse, do anything. go on facebook call them all the time and curse at them . if it your hard earn money . these bustard like flies on shit they never stop hovering above your money till you f knock them out not down.

  • Brenda

    Amazon Marketplace is the new place to steal! DON”T SELL YOUR STUFF HERE! I recently sold my iPad mini that was in mint condition and the buyer claimed after 24 days of receiving the item that it was broken. Then he claimed that I sent him a different item than the one described. Then he claimed that it stopped working over a week after using it.
    So to make a long story short, I’m responsible for their misuse and lack of care of the item. They broke it and now I have to refund their money and have a broken ipad mini. I wrote several times to amazon, but they don’t seem to read the emails. They are automated and all they look at is the date of the claim, not the facts. If the claim falls within 30 days, they don’t care and ask you to refund the money or threaten to charge your credit card.
    There’s no representation for sellers or protection. Buyers should be rated and seller should be able to decide if they want to sell to a certain person judging by their rating. There are a lot of dishonest people and amazon enables them to steal.

  • Davide

    Oh my… I wish I had read all this prior to start working with Amazon.
    Such an horrible experience. Right now they are holding me 8K since over a month.
    I cannot buy more products and my sales have stopped.
    The worst experience ever.

  • anon

    I know Amazon is in the practice of putting successful sellers out of business by taking over their product sales directly.. That’s why they “Require’ that you give them your supplier information… Amazon is EXTREMELY PREDATORY.. WATCH OUT!!!

  • Amey Thakoor

    Hi, I’m a Seller on Amazon. As a small seller, I was excited about Amazon Launch in India. However, Amazon for Sellers is a Nightmare.

    To tell my what happened to me. ” A customer had small issue with the product, which we said him that we would give a replacement. However, the Buyer Abhinav Anand (from Walmart labs) claimed an A-Z claim request on Amazon. The Amazon Seller panel is very confusing and we had not received any training on how to operate it.
    We get calls from Amazon Support team, if there is any unread message. But in this case, they simply refunded the amount of Rs. 13000 to the buyer deducting this amount from my account, without making a single call to us and informing about it. Now, the customer is not willing to return the product. He has got both the Rs. 13000 product also the PRODUCT, and using it for more than a month.

    Amazon surely have huge Funding in kitty, but they should not take Selllers for granted…Rs. 13000 is huge amount for sellers like us, we can’t afford to loose it.

    I want to Spread this to all sellers in India. We sell on many other portals, like ebay,etc but none have shown such Irresponsibility towards seller.

    Rs. 13000 is huge amount for sellers like us, we can’t afford to loose it. PLEASE SHARE…

    • K Jeson

      Stay as far away from Amazon as possible they are not trustworthy and disgrace for the e-commerce industry, that is one if not the biggest scam in the world. Upgraded version of the funny so-called Nigerian scams, the difference here is they pirate you money.

      They accept returns and charge both seller and buyer for restocking fee. They accept returns on electronic there provenly have been misused and loaded with cracked software. They simply steal your money and do not respond on your complains. Never thought anything could be worse then eBay but I stand corrected. They more your stuff around so customers cannot order, as goods not available.

      Try to buy your own product as we did, products were damaged due to incompetent packing. So we returned the goods after completely destrying the product totally and said “we changed our mind” and WE GOT REFUNDED!!! and payed “double” restocking fees. They did not check what they got back they accepted blank the return and I bet you they sold it again and with a return. -Guess who have to pay?

      Try to take your goods out of their warehouses for checking returns, an unbelievable joke, it takes several months. You can be sure if you do not have good packing its destroyed. They even sent empty boxes yes stole our products, do they care? not in a life time.

      Sometimes when you deal with them you get the feeling that they are all convicts running their own personal scams. They literally think sellers (business owners) are plain stupid and sometime you have to laugh at what they come with.

      They do not take care of your business, they steal from you. Best advice stay as far away as you can. Spend the money advertising and sell from your own website, and with a bit of negotiation you can get competitive prices on freight an own fulfilment. At least you can control your business and you are not being screwed. Should say we sell for $10,000 to $15,000 per month in the US. We are pulling enough stuff together with our lawyers and then we are going sue them big time.

  • Arunabh Mahanta

    in spite of giving full payment through debit card nd my address the amazon .in cancelled my order.I do not know the reason. It dissatisfies me.I am totally upset due to this action.I need clear reason in this regard and suggestion how to recover my money.

    • Gareth

      My Amazon account was banned on the 6th of August. I was told by Amazon that I would receive my money after 90 days. Well I have sent them six emails since Thursday last week and I haven’t even had one reply. I still haven’t received my money either. What a f**king JOKE.

  • jorge007

    this people still doing the same thin nov 2014….I’m small seller … they suspend the account … in 2.5 weeks we sell 15 items and 2 issues and as we agree to refund the money and we just need to ship our items back of course we will pay for the shipping return … this people ref und with no autorization to one of the buyers , I dont know where are my item , they dont response . the just tell me on the review … they will suspend the account , and same as other they will keep the money for 90 days …. can somebody stop the people doing that !

  • timothy lucas

    Amazon is currently doing the same thing to me.They are holding over $1700 of my money after all my merchandise has already been shipped.

  • Gilbert Dean

    My funds were held starting today,as they review my account I am on disability and pending a liver transplant I use this money to assist in paying for a expensive drug that I am on for the rest of my life and is life threatening if I miss I cannot afford this drug on disability by its self and depended on money from Amazon as suppliment income selling used cell phones. Now Amazon has taken over a thousand some dollars and I won’t be able to buy my medications this month or as long as they hold my funds


    I will NEVER sell on Amazon again. It was a really bad experience, they don´t care about the sellers. Amazon held my money for 90 days twice and suspended my account for No reason, when I asked them for a reason they said ´´A seller accounts´ specialist closed this case, please don´t ask about this case, you won´t receive any response from us, thank you´´ I mean… I was shocked.

    • CJK

      I am SO damn sick of selling on Amazon as well. They manage to get the world’s worst buyers. I have never had problems on Amazon the way I do on ebay. One day they fund a customer saying he never got the item, when I used tracking and it said it was delivered. The next time, they put it on me and say I should have used signature confirmation. Now they go and refund a buyer who was SO stupid he had to ask me if a movie I was selling (that clearly stated it was) of a certain collection. Then he fails to realize this brand new movie I just sent was a Blu-Ray disc and immediately files an A-Z claim claiming it didn’t play on first try. Amazon refunds him partially and after hearing my side and the damn buyer not getting back to me on my question about whether or not he knew it was a blu-ray disc, they go and take the rest of the funds out of my account. Again, I DO NOT have these issues on ebay. I know that Pay Pal would make the buyer return it to me and Amazon just causes me yet another damn loss. They also closed some of my listings without telling me – some DVD’s I was selling. I never got an email or anything and suddenly wondered why I didn’t see these things in my inventory. I am a very small seller and I sure with these issues, somehow my account is heading to be closed. On some level, I don’t care anymore. I am sick of idiot buyers always trying to get one over on me there. Many of them go away once I provide them with tracking info when they claim they didn’t get their order. And then there are those who complain about cheap books that they have some corner bending and want to return it for a full refund when the product description was accurate. And then all the bad addresses and getting things returned to me and being charged extra by the post office. So damn sick of it. Lately it’s been one thing after another. I have LOST enough money relatively to my business size and my needs in the last couple of months alone.

        • CJK

          My other issue with Amazon is allowing all these returns. A person gets my inventory, uses it for a while, and is allows to return it after 90 days. I am so sick of all the college returns too. At least on Ebay you don’t have to accept returns. I am thinking of switching most of my media inventory over to Ebay lately.

  • ade

    Thank goodness for bringing me to this page. My new amazon account is under review but they allowed me to start selling, so i became suspicious of that action. Definitely, i’ll back off from amazon and not buy from them again ’cause i’ve no money to loose to online frauds.
    Its just not fair at all.

  • Anonymous

    So far I’ve had no buyer problems on Amazon (pure luck I’m sure), but on every single sale I get screwed on shipping because the shipping credit is pathetically inadequate. Just today I shipped an item for $13.72 using the absolute cheapest option (USPS Standard Post). Amazon credited me $6.49. So the buyer paid $33.48 ($26.99 for the item plus $6.49 shipping), and after actual shipping and fees I netted $13.75. Pathetic and not even worth my time.

    Next time, if I can’t sell something on Craigslist, I’ll donate it or keep it.

  • Evelin G.

    If you have been suspended, I can help you get reinstated.
    I have over 15 years of experience dealing with Amazon seller suspensions and appeals. I am very successful at getting seller accounts reinstated. I can prepare an Amazon Appeal that will increase your chances for reinstatement. Even after Amazons “final decision”, I have helped many sellers get their account back by establishing communication with Amazon and creating a successful plan.

    Skype: amzsupport

  • Hiromi

    I had the same thing happen to me. I fulfilled all orders, shipping on or before ETA time and also never cancelled any orders.
    I also answered all messages very promptly, usually within hours. Did not have any negatives, however thanks to a bad decision to switch courier to the Amazon label system, combined with an influx of a few customers who thought it is ok to misrepresent our items condition in order to get the returns paid for by us. Our ODR suddenly shot up over 2% over a matter of 3 or 4 weeks.

    The problem with the couriers was thanks to Amazon not buying signature option from the courier, and even though we approached them and they admitted this, it was still held against us.

    The above is a few of numerous instances of there system allowing dishonest buyers to take advantage of the smaller sellers, whom it impacts hugely and effects very quickly. We have a small rate of sales per month, so even 2 or 3 orders being problematic immediately show up in our ratings and have Amazon on our heals. However we tried to refund and close the matters in order to keep Amazon happy, but they actually used this against us, citing that we have an unacceptable increase in returns / refunds. Which they automatically cite as meaning it must be a bad buying experience. However our feedback and even “Thank you” messages in our inbox are not relevant and ignored.

    Similarly, a customer who changed there mind about an item and returned it, failed to provide a tracking number (even though we had stipulated this for the returns before hand). However Amazon seemed to also want us to refund this.

    Contacting Amazon teams was a mixed bag, since the ones we could speak to on the phone all sympathized with our situation and even went on as far as to say its unfair and they see no reason why we should be suspended as they can see from many aspects on our feedback and messaging that we are working very hard and providing a much liked service to the customers.

    However they dont make any decisions such as account handling, and the teams that do, are not available for direct contact and in fact would not even start a dialogue with us. They responded once to us only and it was an email which was very unprofessional and hurtful on a personal level. It said they had already decided and further contact is not welcome and will go unanswered.

    I had recently learnt that my father has spinal cancer and is terminal. And they did this to me, sending me into a financial mess as well as serious emotional impact on my health, when I was already under so much strain.

  • Tony

    Amazon have also ripped me off for a shipment which i sent to their fulfillment office in UK, which I paid over $600 dollars for to have the product private labeled produced and shipped to me, to sell on
    After I sipped the product to them they claimed that they did not receive the shipment which I have investigated and can prove that they did receive it. they have refused to give me compensation for the items which I shipped to them and they totally deny receiving it, this is disgraceful and competently unacceptable treatment from Amazon. I will see if I can sue them about this and their incompetence.and unfair treatment to sellers.

  • Tony

    Amazon have ripped me off too for over $600 when they denied that they received the shipment i sent to their FBA department. they are an absolute disgrace how can I sue them?

  • Sm itty

    They are horrible to their sellers. Customer service and seller support is a joke. I was a seller for many years, and a competitor came in started selling the same thing. Then when he participated in the fulfillment program, they merged my listing and ASIN, and purged my photos and product descriptions. On top of that, with the way the interface is designed, I became an “other seller” which is impossible to find and my sales plummeted. They basically hide your listing so that they get the business at the fulfillment center. To make it worse, my competitor’s description and photos were inaccurate and full of Amazon violations, and I got more returns and bad reviews as a result. I have had their phone reps agree with me that it was BS , but all they could say “there is nothing I can do, you have to appeal to seller support” which is nothing but a black hole. Last week Amazon called about a customer that had us ship to an undeliverable address. The female Amazon rep was rude, demanding that we overnight the product to the customer to an alternate address (on our dime), and then hung up on us when we refused. Amazon is terrible company with zero respect for the seller. They take their rather huge cut, charge you money for a pro seller account that has zero support, and encourages low price competition among sellers. So in the end you have very little profit left while Amazon gets their cut for essentially doing nothing in the seller support dept. They are so big that they just don’t care.

  • Dr John Lancaster

    I know my problem with amazon is not exactly the same as this article is relate to, but it is related to a sellers account that was ‘somehow’ opened. They then proceeded to take £30 out of my credit card account as a fee for opening a sellers account. I pointed out I had never opened the account. They said they would refund the money but not to my credit card account and they wanted me to provide them with further bank details. I refused to do this for a long time as i was concerned that this account was opened without my knowledge and i was reluctant to provide any more personal information to them such as my bank details. Communications continued with Amazon behaving in a totally unacceptable way sending confusing and contradictory emails and failing to return calls to me on three separate occasions. I have never received a satisfactory answer as to how the account was opened. They inferred that by me looking at the costs associated with selling on amazon would have necessitated opening an account. If that’s the case, I wonder how many other people have looked at amazon selling costs and inadvertently opened a sellers account.
    I have, very reluctantly, been forced to provide more bank account details in order to obtain the refunded money which, in my view, amazon stole from me. They refused to refund my credit card, transfer the money to my buyers account or send me a cheque.
    I would be interested to know if this is a common problem, or is it a one-off.

  • holding about six grand.. in a void for months.. no reason nothing. this is a scam

    this company is like a scam or con game. what they are doing to sellers should be absolutely illegal. Its theft, and they are making money by doing this.