Selenium IDE typeKeys missing dot, period, or decimal 1

I discovered a bug in the Selenium IDE today where I needed to use the typeKeys command and the value included a period. The period would be stripped out for some reason. The solution is to break the command into two separate commands. First, use the “type” command and include the period or dot in the value (nick@gmail.). Then, create another command on the same input and use the “typeKeys” command to add the rest of the value (com).

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One thought on “Selenium IDE typeKeys missing dot, period, or decimal

  • Rajeev

    We had similar problems using type_keys in selenium python.

    One workaround we figured to resolve this issue is to use the combination of ‘type’ and ‘type_keys’. As you might be aware, type does not have such issues.

    We did this in our selenium python script and it works just fine.

    For example:
    If there’s an email address to be entered in a text box:

    Then do
    Follow it up with:

    Maybe a very crude way to do, but it did the job.

    Hope this helps someone else with a similar problem.