Prestashop order product name summary is truncated in Admin

On the order detail page where the products are listed, you may have a some data loss. Apparently prestashop’s method of storing the selected options and values for an ordered product is to shove them all into the product name like this:

PS 100 – 1. Operating System: B. Windows 2003 – 64bit, 2. Memory: D. Additional 768MB ($60/month), 4. IP Addresses: G. 6 Additional IP Address ($6/month), 5. Control Panel: D. Plesk Unlimited domains ($20/month), 6. Additional So

Unfortunately the product name column is limited to 255 characters and we experienced some data loss as it was cut off. Oscommerce uses junction tables to associate the ordered options and values to the ordered product whereas prestashop does not.

I didn’t expect that an order system developed ten years after oscommerce would actually be a few steps behind 😉

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