PHP and Web Development Tutor in Minneapolis Minnesota

I have a bachelor’s in Management Information Systems and have been a full time professional web developer since 2004. I have experience leading a team of web developer’s with a focus on creating a learning environment. Through my years of web development I’ve accumulated a variety of related skills including html, css, javascript, xml, seo, php, and sql to name a few.

Previously in my career I built a successful ecommerce business and grew it for over five years, then sold it in 2011. I have first hand knowledge of all areas of running an online business from sourcing a distributor / drop shipper, coding the website, search engine optimization, online marketing and advertising, payment and checkout, and customer retainment.

New to web development? I’ll show you the basics from first principles. Need help with a programming class? We’ll work through your assignments, the book problems and exercises and I’ll fill in all the gaps your professor didn’t. Want to make the leap from book exercises to making a great looking website following best practices? It’s a big one, and together we can do it.

I would love to work with you and help you in any way I can, and I look forward to hearing from you! Please contact me to set something up. I can do remote tutoring over skype if you’d like.

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