Jeanne Brue daycare review

Jeanne Brue daycare in Maple Grove MN

Nice lady and a good weekly price. She’ll let your kids play on the floor all day and teach them little to nothing. When you pick up your kids the TV will be on and she’ll be sitting on the couch every day. She’ll tell you if your child ate good or pooped at lot most days, but won’t notice if he or she has pink eye and a lot of eye matter.  Once I asked if anybody is able to help my son walk during the day and she said “there’s nobody here to help him.” That’s when I knew we needed to find a different daycare provider.

When you realize your son or daughter is getting behind and isn’t learning anything (no words, no signing, not being read to, etc)  with Jeanne and decide to leave, she’ll stick you with her vague contract and demand two full weeks of vacation be paid out. The first day your take your child there, you owe her two full weeks of paid vacation and two more every year after. She doesn’t accrue vacation with each pay period like the rest of the working world; she gets it immediately. My son was there 14 months and we had to pay her for 4 weeks of vacation or she’d take us to small claims court just as she’d done with at least four other people who also felt it was bullsh*t. I paid her for two additional weeks because going to court all day isn’t worth the time for both myself and my wife as I’m sure it isn’t for most people.

My child is nearly 1.5 years old now and needs a better environment that provides many more opportunities to learn. We’re changing to an organized daycare center, which has staff trained in early childhood development and no paid vacation to worry about.

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