Magento Q & A

What is the standard Magento order status flow?

order submitted, status is set as pending and payment is authorized
order invoiced, status is set as processing and payment is captured
order shipped, status is set as complete and payment is still captured

Some stores will vary slightly on the first order status depending on what they have specified in their payment method as the default status for a new order. If the desired status is not available to the payment method, you’ll need to assign the status (generally pending or processing) to the state (processing).

Why does Magento block cache become invalidated frequently?

In Magento, whenever you make changes to products, static blocks, etc, it recognizes that the data in the database is no longer the same as what it has in the cache. Unfortunately, Magento doesn’t realize what cache data is different, just that something is different. There are many reasons a block cache is invalidated from updates to products, catalog price rule changes, and 3rd party extensions. Also running of cron jobs can cause block caches to become invalidated as well. You will need to go into System > Cache Management and refresh the invalidated cache types.