Amazon’s giant web page with too much crap 2

I thought of at least ten titles, some with profanity, before naming this post.  Today I purchased something on and it was HARD.  I mean, I really had to work to purchase the item and follow along each web page.  There is soooooo much crap on every page of their site it makes my eyes hurt just looking for the “add to cart” and “checkout” buttons!  Every page in the checkout had so much up sell content it drove me nuts!  Below is a screenshot (actually eight screenshots put together) of the page.  It was originally 7400 pixels in height before I had to shrink it down b/c my image program couldn’t handle it!  All I want to view is information about a book on this page, not information about local jobs or raking leaves or whatever.  Book reviews are fine and a small up sell area is acceptable too, but not all this crap!

Here is what they put on the page in order from top down:

  1. Book title and photo
  2. Special Offers and Product Promotions (advertising)
  3. Best Value (more books)
  4. Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought (more books)
  5. Editorial Reviews
  6. Product Details
  7. Career Services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area (advertising)
  8. What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item?
  9. Tags Customers Associate with This Product
  10. Rate This Item to Improve Your Recommendations
  11. Customer Reviews
  12. Customer Discussions
  13. This product’s forum
  14. Active discussions in related forums
  15. Product Information from the Amapedia Community (WTF?)
  16. Listmania! (WTF?)
  17. So You’d Like to… (WTF?)
  18. Look for Similar Items by Category
  19. Look for Similar Items by Subject
  20. Rake In the Leaves (WTF?)
  21. Feedback
  22. Shipping & Returns (help section)
  23. Your Recent History
  24. navigation links at the bottom

Notice how the editorial reviews are positioned number 5 on the page and the customer reviews are number 11.  Why are the product details hidden way down on the page in the number 6 position instead of being right under the book title?  Is anybody thinking here?  And WTF is Listamania?!?!  A couple other mentionable sites like this is and  I’ll rip on them in another post later…

Sorry Amazon, you put a lot of hard work into your site, but you went overboard and now it sucks to use.

Here’s the product detail page for the book I purchased today