Adwords Editor Tool Ambiguous Row Type 8

After a lot searching today for a solution to this error, I decided to post the solution here so it may be easier found by others. The error “Ambiguous Row Type” occurs if you upload the keywords column with the other 20+ columns of data to the Google Adword Editor.

The solution is to remove the keywords column and upload. Then, built a second spreadsheet containing the following columns:
Ad Group
Keyword type

This will upload and update your existing ads with the keyword. Hope that helps!

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8 thoughts on “Adwords Editor Tool Ambiguous Row Type

  • andreas.wpv

    Thanks Nick,

    You saved my night, or at least part of it!

    What a shame the import of all data in one file does not work any more, or even the import of Google spreadsheets. This is a lot of work splitting up and than adding the missing info manually….

    Thanks again.

  • sfleslie

    Actually – this error means you are trying to import a csv file, where you have keyword data and ad text data on the same line. If you make sure that any keywords are on separate lines, utilizing the columns for any data you’d like to include such as match type, status, bid, etc – then you can import a csv that includes both keywords and ad text on the same sheet.

    If you export a CSV file from AdWords Editor – you’ll see the necessary format it needs to be in – just copy that!

    Hope that helps!

  • Liew Zhao Yao

    This post solved my problem in 2017.. I downloaded csv from keyword planner but the keywords column having error when upload using adwords editor.