Daily Archives: August 27, 2014

HeidiSQL SSH Tunnel Connection

The SSH tunnel forwards requests from a port on your machine (3307 in this case since 3306 is already taken by the local mysql server) to a remote server via SSH.

The below are instructions for populating the fields on the settings and SSH tunnel tab.

In the ‘Settings’ tab

1. In the dropdown list of ‘Network type’, please select SSH tunnel

2. Hostname/IP: localhost (even you are connecting remotely)

3. Username & Password: your mysql user and password

Next, in the tab SSH Tunnel:

1. specify plink.exe or you need to download it and specify where it’s located

2. Host + port: the remote IP of your SSH server(should be MySQL server as well), port 22 if you don’t change anything

3. Username & password: SSH username (not MySQL users)