Daily Archives: May 26, 2010

USPS Click N Ship First Class Mail 10

If you’re like me and you run an internet business, cheap first class mail for packages weighing less than a pound would be a great savings over priority mail.  However, USPS does not offer first class mail with their online click n ship tools.  They’ll direct you to another third party site like stamps.com that make you pay a monthly fee in order to print first class postage online.  How is it that other third party companies can figure out USPS’s business better than they can?

My chat with their customer service on the topic:

Mary : I understand you are having an issue with first class labels.
nick: hi mary
Mary : First-Class Parcels, Parcel Post, Media Mail, Bound Printed Matter and Library Mail are not available Click-N-Ship services at this time. We may add these services for future enhancements at a later time; however, in the meantime you may want to visit one of our other PC Postage USPS Approved Providers at PC Postage Providers.
nick: that link doesn’t work
nick: so other 3rd party providers are able to figure it out before you guys?
Mary : They may add them on in the future, however shipping methods such as First Class and Parcel Post are based solely on weight and destination. As most consumers do not have scales to enter in weight accurately, packages with insufficient postage would be returned.