Monthly Archives: June 2009

Selenium IDE typeKeys missing dot, period, or decimal 1

I discovered a bug in the Selenium IDE today where I needed to use the typeKeys command and the value included a period. The period would be stripped out for some reason. The solution is to break the command into two separate commands. First, use the “type” command and include the period or dot in the value (nick@gmail.). Then, create another command on the same input and use the “typeKeys” command to add the rest of the value (com).

How to modify paypal subscription

In short, you don’t.  I searched high and low for this simple feature and apparently it does not exist.  I contacted Paypal and asked where the functionality was.  Their response:

“Once existing subscriptions are in place they can not be changed. You
must close the existing transaction then create a new one for the proper

Microsoft CRM iframe cookies not getting set

The sales team for my employer uses Microsoft CRM to track their leads and customers…. aside from our internal application my team develops in PHP. I won’t get into how CRM magically appeared one day, but now it’s something I get to attempt to integrate with.

Anyway, for each “account”, they have a tab and iframe that points to that automatically searches linkedin for the customer’s name. The user is required to log into linked in the first time to create a session. My task was to create another tab and iframe that points to our internal application. Easy right? Well, the problem was you couldn’t log in. After a couple hours of some debugging, playing around with CRM, I found that no cookies where being set after submitting the login form. After a crap ton of googling, I came across the answer here .

The solution, for PHP, is to add a header for the P3P privacy policy like so

Now that you’ve gotten this far, hopefully your site doesn’t have a lot of JavaScript and dynamic content as it may not function properly within the iframe.