Yearly Archives: 2009

Adwords Editor Tool Ambiguous Row Type 9

After a lot searching today for a solution to this error, I decided to post the solution here so it may be easier found by others. The error “Ambiguous Row Type” occurs if you upload the keywords column with the other 20+ columns of data to the Google Adword Editor.

The solution is to remove the keywords column and upload. Then, built a second spreadsheet containing the following columns:
Ad Group
Keyword type

This will upload and update your existing ads with the keyword. Hope that helps!

Scriptaculous Ajax.autocompleter stop preselect of first option item 1

I have this search feature on the search input of my sites, but was annoyed when I’d hit the enter button the keyboard to submit the search after the autocomplete items were visible. Instead of submitting the form as I desired, the first autocomplete option was entered into the input and then the form was submitted.

To disable the pre selection of the first result item in the autocomplete, do the following:

In controls.js of the Scriptaculous library, on line 286: change “this.index = 0;” to “this.index = -1;”

MySQL import via command line on windows

Today I needed to import a 4.5GB file of SQL into a MySQL database. Good ole phpmyadmin won’t handle anything close to that large, I it had to be command line. It took me a bit to find the proper syntax, so hopefully this will rank well and provide a quick reference not only to myself but to everybody else.

Save your text file of SQL somewhere on your computer and open a command window (start > run and type “cmd” and hit enter). Type the following command

1. mysql -u root -p (then hit enter. “root” is the database username you’re using)
2. It’ll then prompt you to enter the password for that user. Enter it and hit enter.
3. type “USE databaseName” and hit enter. (“databaseName” must be changed to whatever your database name is).
4. the final step is to use the “source” command and provide the location of your text file on your hard drive like source C:\dump.sql

How to restart apache2 on windows bundled with Zend Core

Hopefully this will save somebody an hour of digging like I did today. If you installed Zend Core and are using the bundled Apache2 that came with it, go to services.msc and you’ll find the apache2 service listed as “ZendCoreApache”. It’ll be at the bottom of the list of two hundred services listed instead of at the top where you’d expect near the A’s.

Zend Core Administration Web GUI Location

If you can’t find how to open the Zend Core Administration web GUI, then hopefully this will help you out. Go to http://localhost/ZendCore/index.php in your browser or on Windows go to Start | All Programs | Zend Core | Zend Core Administration . More documentation here from Zend .