Facebook “Account Unavailable due to site maintenance” 419

For a site that currently has an Alexa traffic ranking of 5, this is pretty dumb.  It’s almost as bad as the sporadic errors on myspace.  Site maintenance?  Really?  At 10:45am on a Tuesday?  Come’on.. give me a break.  Facebook is one of the busiest sites on the net and you disable my account for “a few hours” in the middle of the day?  I’d expect they would be able to release code with a “flip of the switch”.  If not, I’d expect downtime to be scheduled and during times of minimal traffic.

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419 thoughts on “Facebook “Account Unavailable due to site maintenance”

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    Craig Hamer

    Yep, happens to me all the time. I just “goggled” the error to see if it was common or if they were auditing my account.

    It’s such bull, the site let’s me log in initially, then following a few clicks, kicks me back out with the above error message in effect.

    I think it’s deliberate, a random number of accounts get closed off to save their sever memory, but allows you to log in briefly so that they don’t loose their Hit rate (Advertisers wouldn’t like that much).



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      OMG i have literally only had my fb for 2 days and it is kicking me off it sucks and by the way, how do you erase your cookies?

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        dat black ass nigga down the street

        these mother fuckers want to mess with me.
        i ain’t no nigga you can play with. now i am stuck at home doing nothing but making some lame ass video. i say facebook can fucking suck my dick.. even though i’m a girl, ha. this just completely pisses me off. ugh, fml. fml. fml. fml. -_________________- now all my ghetto ass friends be hitting up my profile and no shit be going down. wtf is dis. don’t nobody want chu, don’t nobody need chu. get it? i am gonna fucking shoot down this whole neighborhood and you will all regret making my facebook not work no more you dumb ass cunts.

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      Jerry Thomas

      If they were charging us for facebook, we would have the right to complain but they don’t.

      SUCK IT UP!

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        who are you even talking to? no one’s posted here in a year…
        anywho, the article up top says it all. schedule maintenance for the nighttime… and maybe don’t keep people’s accounts shut off for days at a time.

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      It means that your account is on that particular server that is having maintenance. No worries. It just happened to me now and if you click help and search the topic, it tells you what is up.

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      What the hell was going on?! FACEBOOK MAINTENANCE?! duhh?! Facebook said that facebook will be back in a few hours but look, I’m waiting 1:00 p.m ’til 12 a.m but Facebook maintenance was not done yet. How long will it take? Make sure that it will be back in a few hours dude. I’m totally pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

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      yeah. I already opened my Facebook Account but I can’t update my status, I’m not allowed to like or comment any post. What the hell was going on?! Fix it now Please!!!

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    Mike Benning

    I’m glad that others have seen this, as I was fearing my account had been hacked. I just spent some time in the permissions a few nights ago, really locking down my account. My pessimistic side thinks that this has to do with the changes that I made.

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    Yeah, it’s pretty much straight balogne. It’s happening right now to me at 3:30 on a weekend…I mean seriously, this should be happening in the early a.m…It’s free so what can I say? 🙂 haha I’ll just try later.

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    I have this. I’m a light user of the site and also have my privacy settings restricted.
    I created a new account to see if I could “find” myself – no joy. I didn’t exist. I went to see if I was in a friend’s list – no joy.
    Very suspcious.

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      sarah Albright

      YAAA mine did that tooooo!!!

      im scared!! did it work after a couple of ours????
      mine hasnt been working since like at the lates 5 and it is almost 9!!!!
      im sooo scared what do i doo????

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        ok….I am having this problem now. How long did you have to wait before it reconnected? I have been waiting since 12:00 noon it is now 3:11….wtf….this is a bunch of bull crap. My kids pages are still running…..I don’t understand this. I thought maybe my page had been hacked or something.

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        if you think your account is disabeld then you should check your e-mail the wil send you a message telling you how to take it back 😉

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          I checked my e-mail and nothing in there tells me about why my account is down. Am I going to lose all my pictures? Why does this happen to only certain people?

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    I have been getting this same message about once a day for the last week. Sometimes it resolves almost immediately and other days, like today, it’s taking several hours. Grr.

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    yup,this is happening to me too…the weird thing is that my friend can log into her account but i cant log into mine,so i guess they’re not all closed.

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    I get this annoying message ALL THE TIME lately. I have been using it a lot, or at least remaining logged on much of the time, running it in the background of other tasks. The last week or so I run into this MORE than once a day. I use two email accounts which are both linked to my facebook and sometimes one logs me in while the other doesn’t, sometimes both are disabled. Are they targeting certain users or use-patterns? I HATE THIS and I wish they would address it to let us know why it’s happening and whether we can do anything about it.

    I’ve also been getting tons of random ERROR pages that say something to the effect of Error- We are working to fix this.. in the middle of a blank page. Anyone get these?

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      I feel like I’m being targeted too. Several times a day for the past two weeks my account has been unavailable due to “site maintenance”. I’ll admit that I log into FB several times a day, and I wonder if FB is penalizing me because I use the site too much. I’m starting to get a little paranoid.

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      yep i am having all these problems,it sucks and is a dam inconvienience. i live in bulgaria and this is how my children keep in contact with me,very unfair to say try again in a few minutes,this has been going on for at least 4 hours to my knowledge. needs sorting asap !!

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    Sam I’m having the exact same problems. I also have my privacy settings on high and it seems like since I did that my FB has been acting up. It’s been going on a couple weeks for me where I can login like once out of 10 attempts, and then it’ll randomly kick me out and ask me to log back in.

    None of my friends are having this problem. I feel like I’m being picked on by FB.

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    Happened to me about 6 hours ago, still unavailable. This sucks, I have some ads running on Facebook and if I cant access my ad manager, who knows I may loose a lot of money.

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    I thought I was alone here. I keep getting this error message and usually I can’t log in for hours. When I do get in, most of the links don’t work. None of my friends are having this problem though and they get right in. Why would this only be happening to some of us!?

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    this is happening to me.. only my account has been unavailible for like 2 days now an no 1 can view my profile..

    i wanna sue facebook. trhere things on there i need!!

    any1 no how to fix it?

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    happens to me few hours ago.
    i can’t log in, my friends can’t see me.

    but strangely i still receive notifications on my email.

    am i banned forever or not?

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      ya, I too face the same problem from yesterday. All my friends can log in to their accounts but not me ! It keeps on saying Site maintenance. My profile cannot be seen by my friends either. But still i do receive notifications in my email. Pls fix this soon, it’s irritating me alot.

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    Same here, still getting email notifications but unable to log on. Whats most annoying after 6 hours of trying to get online I eventually did, my account was working fine I accidentally backpaged and lost my connection .. I was then back to temp unavailable Grrrrr!!!!!!

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    I thin I have the solution! Well at least it worked for me.
    Erase all your history and cookies from your computer under your internet options. Also erase your cache history( it think this is only on a mac not sure) the history and cookies should be enough. If you have cable internet or wireless, unplug the modem and router for about a min. This will refresh the internet connection. Then plug it back in,wait for a few min until the internet works again, and try signing in. This should work.
    Good luck!

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    Nick Bartlett

    This worked for me. Clear your cache, cookies and browsing history. Then restart your modem and computer. Take a nap for 2-3 hours and/or go outside and start jogging. Facebook should be back up now, but if you find you have fewer friends than before please contact your ISP.

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    Shawna Green

    This is SOOOOOO ridiculous! I am addicted to the game, Chain RXN, and I am in a tournament with some of my friends. They can access their pages and I cannot. I am not some gaming nerd, but I do love to play this game. Lot’s of strategy.
    Anyhoo, I am mad at FB right now!!!!!!!!

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    Er no it’s not just happening to those with multiple accounts dummy! It seems to be an error affecting a lot of people who have only one account including myself and Facebook as usual just sit on their backside and do do very little to fix it.

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    I get this message every now and then too. Right now it’s been 3 hours, and still no account. I only have 1 account and 1 email linked to it, so it can’t be a multiple account problem.
    It also happens every now and then when I’m already on FB and it suddenly kicks me off and wants me to log in again.
    Big Brother is watching. Something just doesn’t “feel” right.

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      dave gahan

      havent been able to access my profile since friday.started a new account up and my old profile isnt on anywhere….

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    This is the first time this has happened to me. I am really good at cleaning up my applications and my restricting things. This does not seem right at all. I can on my husband’s account. Something smells fishy.

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    Same here as well.I’ve been getting this error for the last 5 days and it’s f***ing irritating.Oh well,I’ll live with MSN however damn FB programmers still doing nothing to fix it.

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    its been happening with me for more than two to three days i think, im trying to enter a friends profile, and, each time i get(Profile Unavailable
    Sorry, this profile is not available at the moment. Please try again shortly.) AHH!! why? im tired of all this shit, and im sure that the same person did not delete its profile, coz i can enter the mini facbk from my cllphone n from there i can see its mini profile. SO what to do???

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    I’m having the same problem as everyone else too! It’s been about 14 hours since I can’t sign onto facebook. All my other friends can except for me!

    Does anyone know whats really going on? Are they deleting my facebook account? I mean when my friends look at my account my profile is still there I just can’t log on.

    If this has happened to anyone else how many hours did it take for you to finally be able to log onto facebook?

    Someone please help!

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      It has currently been all day since I couldnt log in and I am getting really freaked because I am an addict and my crops are ready in farmtown, I have a chicken ready in about 2 minutes and this is really starting to f*cking bug me.

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    It’s called a ‘life’, go get one losers.

    You’re such losers, you’re complaining about not being able to spend every minute of your life on facebook you creepy bastards. People are starving in Africa but you fuckers never quit bitching about little things.

    I wish you all rot in hell.

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      oh my goodness , you are a very rude person , some people do real communicating on facebook with family who lives long distance , you have your own opinion and you should keep it to yourself .

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        Don’t take a heart about it Jane, sometimes, something have a negative thought and others have a positive thought 🙂

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      Looks like there a Kanye West in every crowd these days. Or in this case – here’s Mike just stumbling through a thread on his way to assisting starving Africans and stopping just long enough to berate a group of total strangers that are having a conversation he obviously has no interest in.

      It would seem to me that at least the others in this thread were in search of an answer to an issue they were having. While Mike has nothing to do but troll forums looking for an opportunity to rant at someone in a public place. Talk about needing a life.

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      You self-righteous prig. We’re all addicted to something. For some of us, it’s a facebook addiction. Have a little compassion you b*a*s*t*a*r*d. And may YOU rot in hell you little turd.

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      You’re very smug and judgmental. We all have addictions. Some of us are addicted to FB. And who are you to assume that just because we’re on FB we’re not giving back to the world? I happen to work my butt off for a small nonprofit that builds water wells in Africa. Give me a break.

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      Wow mike!! First of all, we can’t fly on over to Africa and shower them with food. Guess what, if I could….I would. You’re clearly just a very negative person!

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      Mike the rude Cunt

      I wish you rot in hell too Mike.

      Why don’t you get yourself a job and earn a living instead of bitching about ppl that is complaining about their FB error.

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      Jeez Mike, a bit more understanding please! Facebook is an important means of contact for people who aren’t living close to their friends and family and that is very, very real! And it can be very very important, especially when something awful happens in your life, as just happened to me. I would feel so much less isolated now if I could access facebook. And for your information: the people I can’t contact now are in Africa!

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        Seriously? Is facebook taking over the world. People are getting so offended over FACEBOOK. A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE ON THE INTERNET. Seriously, It’s even lamer than myspace. I bet some people on here would die for facebook. lmfao.

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      Mike is antisocial

      HAHAHAHAAHA why, hello mike! u know, some people ACTUALLY have a social life. PEOPLE ACTUALLY HAVE FRIENDS!! :O woah.. that must have come as a shock to u huh? well, you must be a huge hit in school dances……….. (hahaha u suck)

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      Kurly Sue

      Mike why dont you get a life? Why are you on here if you are not interested?

      It seem’s the only loser here is you. Have you nothing better to do?

      I wish you would starve

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      hey mike your the loser just because people like to keep in contact with family and friends via facebook you dont have the right to call them creepy bastards maybe you should look in the mirror

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    Edinburgh Girl

    Same problem as everyone else here. Been 36 hours now since getting site maintenance message. Tried switching off modem, PC, clearing cache, cookies etc but still the same message. The others in my household can access their FB ok from the same PC. Its a joke that FB does not have a customer service dept, call centre.

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      Same message, been off all day (About 15 hours).

      Also my HTC Hero is linked to my facebook, so all of my contacts have lost there live status and pictures from facebook too…..so clearing cache etc won’t make a difference as definately a problem at facebooks end.

      Hope they fix it soon 🙁

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    I just got the exact same error! I was chatting on Facebook when my session “timed out” and I was forced to log out. Now every time I log in I get that stupid message. I thought my account was being suspended but I see that it happens to a lot of people… wtf is going on??

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    same problem here… can’t access my account…

    Account Unavailable

    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    and when my friend search my profile

    Profile Unavailable
    Sorry, this profile is not available at the moment. Please try again shortly.

    =( need help!

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    yh my facebook hasnt been working for a couple of hours and ive been doing some reaserch on the topic… lots of people are having the same trouble yes? and everyone wants to know how long before facebook will be working..well throught the time its stopped working ive looked at all the people whos accounts arient working… do not delete your cookies or anything like that.. its just facebook looking through your profile to check if your doing anything that goes against their rules.

    most people only have to wait approx a day before theirs starts working and some have waited for 5 or more days!
    which is rediculous!
    and its all due to some small thing..
    so people who are experiancing this problem your account is NOT! being blocked or deleted so please do not worry… just be patient and simply wait until it works… i know its hard but still there isnt much more you can do.

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      Muhammad Shahid

      i am so worry about site maintenance problem,i am facing this problom about 10 hours and still not able to log in,, i am addicted to facebook. i have cleared all history,cookies,plugged in and out my internet devise wsiwth off devise and p.c. but no solution, can anybody tell me that is there maximum limit of ristriction days?

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      omg same heree. i was on at 1am last night and it worked then i wake up today at like 10 and it had the high maintence thing. my facebook crops will be done at 5. im gonna be really pissed if it doesnt work then!!!! how come only some accountsdon’t work.. wow this is soo damn gayy

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    Susan Adell

    I do not know what has happened to the human race that people have such dirty mouths and are so rude. It requires a little more intelligence to communicate effectively without the use of profanity or being just plane rude. This thread is another validation of the onslaught of our changed society. Come on people, raise the bar!

    I too enjoy facebook and communicate with family and friends on there. It is annoying to have it being maintenanced. Certainly not a reason to use the filthy language on here or slam anyone for wondering what happened or why FB is down.

    Enjoy your day and move on. FB will probably be back in due time and everyone can talk again.

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      What the fuck ever. I have been locked out of my FB account for 6 days now because of “site maintenance.” This, to me, is irritating enough to warrant profanity.

      Unless you’re a member of Facebook’s IT team, you shouldn’t feel offended by the dirty mouths of others. I learned this in kindergarten.

      Wait, i take that back…if you’re a member of Facebook’s IT team, you should be ashamed as a motherfucker.

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    my account was disabled a 4am today and its kept saying “Account has been disabled” an after 10 hours of trying to get in, it now says “Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance”

    Can someone please tell me what is going on?

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    Omfg i got home from school at 3pm tried to log on and this stupid thing came on i thought it was my computer but wen my cousin logged in she went straight to hers….i gave it til 7pm almost 4 hours and it still didnt work it kept saying something bout site maintenance thats been going on for more then 7 hours now….its 10:00pm right now and im still locked out of my facebook due to watever they’re doing on der…dis isnt the first dis happened it jus usually didnt take this long now i wont let me log in at all!!! ugggghhhh facebook is getting really irriatating :/….dey need to get it together.Cuz no website as big as that should be locking people out of their Own account! ughhh facebook im going bac to myspace lol

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      damn… it’s really weird… i was able to log in yesterday and tonight i can’t! it shows the same damned message… and i need to tend to my farmville crops soon or my crops will wilt and die…

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    clearing your cookies does no good because it’s whatever server your facebook account is on. I have two accounts, one I can log into, the other I have errors – hence they are on two different servers. Either way it’s still poor service. Figure that, MySpace working much better than Facebook?

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    i just got my message like an hour agoo… when will it work againn… ): i nned to havest my crops on farmville. and my family is giving me a hard time cuz theres stupid works and there making fun of mee. gahhh i need it to work. when will it work again… ? ): it worked like 5 hours agooo

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    Account Unavailable
    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience. >>>>> can someone define few hours please… it’s been 24 hours already

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    Ammar Kidwai

    I am having the same exact problem as everyone else. My fb account was working this morning. When I tryed to lob back in around 4:30 it said account unvailable for site maintanence, its ben saying that for the whole day and it is now 2:27am now and still my account is unavailable. I am really getting frustrated, does anyone know what is happening

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    im having a site maintenance problem in facebook, cant access my act its been 48 hrs already, im afraid my crops in farm would be dead… what wud i do… pls answer my problem.. tanx!

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    My Facebook account is down for “maintenance” EVERY DAY. Lemon server! I would be ashamed to provide such service.

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    woooow thats sooo shity! everytime i try and logg into my facebook i get…. Account Unavailable

    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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    Facebook: # (650)543-4800
    I am still going through this problem with Facebook for the past 4 days, I have found a # for facebook. I was able to talk to a live person. They said that it was some kind of bug, but they do not offer technical support over the phone. But I figure, why not swamp them with calls, since they do not answer any of our emails….


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      did your account work after ????and how long did it take to work is it days or more than that???
      By the did everything went back to normal your photos, friends list etc.

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    pff got the same problem like all of u
    cant logging to my account “Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance” bla bla bla does everyone of u got finaly his/her account back? im having that problem for 2 days i deleted my browser history and nothing happend still w8ing any help guys?…

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    My facebook account hasn’t let me on for 5 days because of that account unavailable because of site maintenance thing. Will it go away sometime or should i just make a new one?

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    my account has been under maintanence for over 36 hours now. so that server must be screwed lol. the strange thing i have found is that any tags on friends pics of me have vanished ,and my name has vanished from the rlationship status of my girlfriend
    🙁 does this maintanence mean my relationship is now over? as well as my facebook profile lol

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    7 days, no facebook 🙁
    Friends stated if they clicked my profile they would receive the profile is temporarily unavailable. Today my girl informed me that all tags of me have been removed as well as our relationship status.
    This is some BS facebook… 7 days.

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    I’m having the exact same problem. Each time I try to log in, it says
    “Account Unavailable
    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.”
    This began on Sunday for me. At first, when friend’s searched me it said
    “Profile Unavailable
    Sorry, this profile is not available at the moment. Please try again shortly.”
    However, then, slowly, I began to dissapeer off facebook. First I lost my profile pictures from things in the “Highlights” section and then, my name was not there when it had my photos in this section. After this, I was no longer on friends lists and couldn’t be found when searching me.

    I’m not entirely sure what the problem is, however, I created a new account so I could stay on facebook but I will keep checking my normal facebook page incase it works.

    (P.S. today, my friend told me that she knows someone who had this problem and it took around a week to get it sorted. Fingers crossed it sorts itself out for us all)

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    meee toooo!! havent been able to log in since saturday my photo or name is not showing up in friends lists so getting worried its all been deleted??!! i can acess the home page on my phone but cant change my status and its says i have no friends 🙁 cannot see anything else.
    i cant even create a new account as it says there is already an exsisting account to this email, i only have the one account and use it regularly, im gutted lost without the world of fb where am i meant to get my gossip from!!!!! hope its fixed soon!!

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    day 8 for me… this is ridiculous. *sniff* 🙂 so glad i have two fb pages but the one thats down has all my games… totally sucks!

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    I suggest everyone ask their friends to send a message to Mark Zukerberg, owner of Facebook and ask him when is he going to fix the problem. Maybe his page will shut down and he’ll understand how we feel.

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    Richad Garneau

    All I can see here is complaint after complaint after complaint…. about people having problems getting into their Facebook account. I have not been able to get in for a few days with the following error message, “Account Unavailable
    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.” I hear all this complaining, is anyone in that Facebook cloud-in-the-sky doing anything about it?? A few hours?? A few days??? The biggest web site in the world, is someone on top of this??


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    its just happend to me i have never had any probs with fb reallly other than the few minor things ie appplications not loading due to maintance . ive never not been able to log in i hope fb sorts it out soon which i suspect it will .. my question if that mike hates fb that much y bother looking on this thread stupidness ….

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    How about this problem? Sometimes I’ll get the “Site Maintenance” apology, and sometimes Facebook’ll let me in. BUT…
    1) I can’t search for, or find any of my friends
    2) Anytime I go to a friend’s profile, I’m “locked out” – there’s a Remove from Friends option, a profile pic, and the message ” does not share certain information with everyone.” And it’s not friends who’ve blocked me, but friends whose pages I’ve been able to access before.

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    can you people quit saying you’re having the same problem and someone post a solution or something they know! So irritating going through a whole forum of people saying they have the same problem!!

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    It apparently doesn’t have to do with servers or ISPs, because I can sit here and it will give me the “site maintenance” error on my logon; however, I can log on to my brother’s account and my friend’s account right here, from the same server.

    Also – it gives me errors and tells me my friends are (0) sometimes but I can log on to someone else’s account and see all my info.

    Facebook sucks.

    The whole concept is sort of stupid anyway. If I haven’t spoken to someone in 20 years, why do I need to know they took their dog to the vet today or that they are cleaning out their gutters, or that their iced tea tastes great on this sunny day. Who has time for it? And who has time for all these farm games and cartoon stuff?

    I’m going to keep my myspace because it’s just so much more normal and I have not had any problems.

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    I had this problem too and then they fixed it.
    My question is: How many of you you had this problem in late Sept. and early Oct. 2009 have now had your Facebook page hijacked?

    Mine was yesterday and I didn’t give my password to anyone, didn’t add new apps since I got access back, and run Antivirus, Antispyware, Malware, etc. on my PC each night, and my email account wasn’t compromised…. So, that leads me to one thought…
    The “down for maint.” issue wasn’t a hardware problem at all. Facebook had an intrusion and everyones account that was affected by it may have been compromised… Of course Facebook won’t tell us that if we ask, but that’s the only logical explaination.

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      I have facebook. I’m still not able to log in fro my laptop due to site maintenance error. Tried everything. I don’t use facebook very much but now I’m not worried anymore reading all of your guy’s comments. It seems it just an error not like a hacker hacked my account.

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      I have this problem right now, and I dont know why, and of course I cant call or email anyone. WTF am I supposed to do, wait it out?

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      this is not only mean, but also stupid remark (“What does Facebook charge you to use it”). Do you really think FB allows you to create/use account for charity purpose?

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        ditto what olia said. personally, i pay money to advertise my facebook fan page for my business, which i cannot administer since i am locked out. and i pay money for the stupid games. so yes, i pay money, and they should fix this problem. jerk.

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    it still not working! F**K i want to log in!!!!!!!! come onnnn why is still not working!!! facebook sucks this site gains milions and milions per day, why it sucks so much! ??

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    This just happened to me yesterday then last night It suddenly worked again, sO i thought probelm solved. Then today when I went to login the message is back.


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    I´ve had the same problem on and off for about 2 months, but since 1 month ago it happens all the time!!
    Sometimes I keep trying to log on and on and on and after a number of attempts it´ll work again.
    But then I can´t see all my friends and all my photoalbums are gone, I´m not able to write anything in my status.
    Does anyone know where I can e-mail them??

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      the exact same thing is happening to me!
      i hate it, i want to e-mail them and complain because i’m tired of it!!!!

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    did any of you guys do things worth reporting??
    because I bitched out some guy and was like mean and i thinking he reported me